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Episode 3... Truth is reavealed.

(outside Noah’s)

Jack: Peter what is this meant to mean?

Peter grabs the note back and goes to get in the car!

Jack: Pete TELL ME!!!!!

Peter gets in his car and starts the engine.

Jack gets in the car and they head back to the station.

Jack: Tell me Peter.

Peter drives back to the station with a worried look on his face.

(they arrive at the station)

Peter storms in to his office.

Jack follows him in to the station and he says goodbye to ken Harper who has finished his shift.

There is no one else in the station apart from Peter and Jack.

Jack walks in to Peter office and demands the truth.

Jack: Will you just tell me what is going on.

Peter: It has go nothing to do with you!

Jack: don’t treat me like a complete fool, I know something is wrong! Is that why you came back!!!

Peter: look I told you just leave it!!!!

Peter mobile phone rings.

Jack quickly grabs peter phone off the table and reads a message saying ‘Any more info or any thing suspicious YOU BETTER GET IT SORTED!

Peter grabs his phone off Jack and sits down on his chair.

Jack is getting really frustrated with Pete.

Jack: This is your last chance!

Peter: or what????

Peter stands up and gets in Jacks face.

Jack starts to shove peter,

Peter pushes Jack back and punches him.

They are rolling over the floor scrapping and punching each other.

Until Dan walks in and grabs Peter off Jack.

Dan: Peter what are you doing.

Jack gets up off the floor.

Dan: Peter now what the hell is going on.

Peter: it does’nt matter Dan.

Jack: Yes it does now he is your brother, surely he has the right to know if your life is in danger!

Peter: I am a senior office I don’t have to listen to you!!

Dan: but don’t you think you at least owe me the truth for once Pete.

Peter: ok but what ever I tell you must go no further then these walls because it will put the town in danger!!

Peter: Once I left the bay for a week in febuary we found out that Zoë/ Eve was still alive.

So I returned a week later to start keeping an eye on everyone including Leah and you.

The whole town is in danger if she comes back that is why I am back for good!

Jack: so you was the one who hit me over the head!

Peter goes quiet.

Jack: omg I can’t belive what im hearing.

Peter: well it was either tht or you finding out and u putting pressure on me like u was earlier!

Dan: so everyone is in danger?

Peter: yes epecially you and Sally and Leah and Alf also Kim, Tasha Robbie and Martha Ric and cassie.

So then we have to keep close watch on all of you.

But then tonight we found that letter about Alf and that he is in more danger now he has been freed.

Dan: so who else is working on the case?

Peter: Claire she made me do it because I walked out on her to come back here.

I tried to get out of the case because our relationship was going down hill. But she would not listen!!!

Dan: omg Leah could be in danger!

Peter: Jack could you give me and dan sometime please?

Jack exits waiting out side.

Dan: Why did you not tell me?

Peter: how could I after what happened between me and Leah?

Dan: look 4get all that I love someone else.

Me and Leah would have split any way you just made it quicker.

Dan: are you and Leah talking?

Peter: kind of! Why?

Dan: well you need to protect her!

Just make up some excuse so she lets you stay with her!

Peter: ok I will try.

Dan exits the room smiling at Pete.

Jack enter the room and says ‘ I will help you what ever you need I will do it for you’.

Peter: cheers mate night.

Mean while.

Dan arrives home to find Sally waiting for him.

Dan: hey sal are you ok?

Sally: Yeah im good thanks thought you might want to go for a drink?

Dan: Yeah ok (they head off to Noah’s)

They start talking about old times and Sally asks Dan to come on a date?

Dan accepts and offers to pick her up at 7 tomorrow to go for a candle lit dinner.

Peter arrives at his place when he grabs a bottle of vodka and crashes on the sofa.

Amanda knocks on his door to talk about Dan.

Peter: What do you want?

Amanda: Well that’s a nice way to greet me!

Peter: sorry babe just bin a bad day.

Amanda: ouch that looks sore (looking at Peter cut lip) Let me clean that up for you!

Amanda get the first aid box and starts to clean up Peter Lip.

Peter: thanks.

Amanda: this is so good just like when you used to talk about your job and make me feel relaxed.

Peter: yeah its been good.

Amanda: well I better leave you to it…. But im taking the vodka with me…..

Amanda goes to kiss Peter on the cheek but he moves his hand under her chin and pulls her lips towards his lips.

Peter starts undressing Amanda and Amanda slowing undoing Peter trowsers and they head towards the bedroom.

Peter alarm goes off at 5:30am

Peter turns over to see Amanda asleep next to him.

Amanda wakes up and says Ow no what have I done.

Peter: Thanks do I look that bad in the morning.

Amanda: No not that its just that I really like someone and you like Leah!

Peter: how do you know?

Amanda: don’t worry its ok.

I wont tell any one.

Amanda: lets forget all about this yeah babe.

Amanda kisses Pete on cheek and heads out of the hotel door.

Dan rings Peter mobile.

Peter: hey dan you ok?

Dan: Yeah im good you going to get Leah to let you stay at her’s?

Peter: I will try.

Peter starts to pack his things and heads for Noah’s Bar!

Leah is walking past when she spots Peter with his bags!

Peter: hi Leah!

Leah: ow no you ok?

Peter: not really….

Leah: Why?

Peter: the hotel is closing down and I have no where to stay….. im sure ill find some where.

Leah: look stay at mine but only if Dan knows nothing is going on….

Peter: I will speak to him later.

Leah: here’s the key make yourself at home.

Peter heads over to Leah’s and he rings Dan.

Peter: its sorted I will make sure nothing happens to her.

Dan: cheers mate but if anything else happens promise me you will tell me!

Peter: promise.


Rachael gets a job as a nurse at the new surgery in summer Bay.

Clue’s start appearing.

One resident has a car crash!

Peter has to chose Leah or Dan!

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