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This fan fic will be action packed please tell me what you think

Preview for my new fan fiction.

Episode 1

Josh west body is found, But who killed him?

The town is interrogated for Josh murder!

A Summer Bay resident is being watched!

Episode 2

Alf is set free from prison, but will he return to Summer Bay?

Jack finds more suspicious clues leading to Peter lies

Will Rachael be set up for wrongly diagnosing a patient?

Episode 3

The attack on 2 summer bay residents leaves the town in fear.

Amanda is taken in to hospital but find out something that could change someone’s life!

Jack finds out the real reason Peter returned.

Episode 4

Irene finds Robbie sharing a passionate moment with Jane!

Kim returns to save Robbie and tasha relationship!

Rachael goes to a ‘new’ colleage for comfort! Could she be putting her self in danger?

Episode 5

Nick returns to summer bay, but why?

In a panic the town rushes to safety!

Will Peter arrest someone for josh murder?

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pisode 1: The mystery begins.

(Mayors office)

The secretary knocks on josh’s office door but there is no reply so she walks in to find josh’s body on lying on the floor. She runs over to find blood everywhere and a gun shot wound in his heart.

The secretary checks for a pulse but its too late he is dead so she calls the police and stands in shock.

Jack and Peter arrive to talk to the secretary and Peter gets a statement.

Jack goes over to check the security tapes but their gone.

Josh’s body is taken away and forensics people arrive to check the crime scene.

Peter and Jack head back to the station to wait for the forensic report before going to tell the town what has happened.

Peter: this is going to get tricky constable! Are you sure you are going to be ok on the case?

Jack: Detective I will be fine.

(Peter mobile phone rings)

Peter: detective baker!

Person: we have looked through the whole of the mayor office, there was no gun found only thing that is useful to us is a back glove that was

Found in the bush outside the building.

Peter: thanks.

Jack: anything interesting?

Peter: only a glove a black one.

Jack: I think we better start questioning.

Peter and Jack arrive at Noah’s to find Morag, Beth and Tony.

Peter: Hi guys sorry to interrupt but can we ask a few questions.

Morag: yeah sure everything ok?

Peter: well not really tonight a body was found!

Tony: Who?

Jack: Joshua West has been found dead in his office earlier!

Peter: Do you know anybody who would have wanted him dead?

Beth: Well the whole town after this project 56 business.

Peter: can I ask if you have seen anybody arguing with him?

Tony: Well I did see him and Ric arguing Earlier then Dan stepped in and said a few words to Josh.

Morag: Like I said everyone wanted him dead!

Peter: ok thanks for your time we might need to carry on later.

Jack and Peter head out of Noah’s and go to see Ric.

Jack knocks on the door to see Ric walking towards the door.

Peter: hiya mate.

Ric: hey am I in trouble?

Peter: we just need to ask where you were about 2 hours ago.

Ric: I was near the beach! What’s this about?

Peter: Josh west dead body has been found!

Ric: what you saying it’s me?

Jack: No but we have to ask everyone who has had running with him recently.

Ric: yeah earlier he was saying stuff about granddad and I went to punch him but Then Dan turned up and told me to go. As I was walking away I heard Dan telling Josh to watch his back because Josh mentioned something about Amanda and Ryan.

Peter: thanks that will be all for now!

Peter and Jack head out to Dan caravan.

Jack: Peter you sure you ok with interviewing Dan?

Peter: Dan is not like that I know that he will put my mind at rest that it’s not him.

As Peter and Jack walk towards the raven it looks like no one is in.

Jack knocks on the door but there seems to be nobody in.

Peter and Jack go back to the station to find Morag waiting for them.

Morag: Peter I might have a suspect for you?

Jack, Morag and Peter walk in to the office.

Morag: you know all this project 56 business right?

Peter and Jack: Yeah

Morag: well the day of the project 56 lunch Kit caught josh and another women at it. Of course Amanda found out and josh split ever since then they have been arguing and fighting because Amanda owns everything and josh has lost everything.

Peter: thanks we will have a word with Ms. Vale.


Rachael is walking in to Leah house when she hears noises and turns around to see nobody there

As she enters the house we see a shadow in bushes.


Could this be the time for Peter to concentrate on the real reason he returned.

A piece of Paper that sends Alf a Jail free card!

Will Rachael losse her job?

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Episode 2: Just the beggining

(Mayors office)

Peter and Jack are searching Josh’s office to look for papers that could have had clues to who would have wanted to kill Josh.

Peter: Jack look in all the folders there must be something.

Jack searches through josh’s draws and finds a folder ripped in half.

Jack starts to put the paper together and see’s $10.000 cash deposited in to the man who was a witness against Alf.

Under that piece off paper there is a signed agreement that the man will be forced to sell all his belongings if he lets anyone know about their agreement.

Jack: Baker I think you should look at this!!!

Peter looks at the papers and tells Jack is going to see Harper and ring HQ to free Alf!

Peter arrives at the station and tells Harper who tells him to ring HQ. Claire is the one who answers the phone.

Claire: detective Baker what do I owe the pleasure

Peter: look Claire I need you to tell Murphy that Alf stewart is innocent and we have the papers to prove it.

Claire: Fax it through.

Peter faxes the papers.

Claire: yeah go and get Alf freed.

Ow yeah Peter how’s things?

Peter: you mean work wise…. Everything is ok no one suspects a thing.

Claire: be care full

Peter: don’t start caring about me again… me and you are over.

Claire: I didn’t mean it like that Peter

Pull your head inn else I will have to look for some one else!!!

Peter: Itold you before I will be their at the End!!!!

Peter walks out of his office and goes to tell Alf the good news


Rachael arrives at the hospital.

Julie: you need to go and see the board immediately.

Rachael: but I have patients, Julie what’s this about?

Julie: just go and find out from the board.

But it’s not good, I’m sorry.

Rachael enters the board room.

Before she even walks half way through the door she knows that something it is something deadly serious.

Board: Please sit down, we are sorry to inform you but you are being struck off starting immediately.

You could have killed a patient, If it was’nt for Dr. Help man he would be dead now.

Rachael: What patient?

Board: Tim Jones.

Rachael: I gave him the right treatment.

Board: You did not; you overdosed by giving them an extra 10mg in walfrin.

Rachael: I did not.

Board: Yes you did, you will be contacted once a full investigation is completed.

(Peter is walking in to prison)

Alf: strike me……….

Peter: you surprised mate….

Alf: yeah I am.

Peter: well you better go and collect you stuff.

Alf runs towards his cell.

Peter explains to Alf that some paper work was found that sets him free.

Alf is ecstatic.

Peter is driving back when he remember he has got to pick up Jack.

Peter picks up Jack who is happy to see Alf free.

All three of them head off to Noah’s.

Peter arrives and gathers everyone together.

Sally, Ric, Martha, Tony, Beth, Maddie Colleen, Lucas. Peter gets everyone’s attention and tells them ‘I have a anocement to make bu I think I will let the man him self tell you.

Alf walks In and everyone is amazed.

They all congratulate Peter for getting him free and Jack. Alf is the happiest man alive.

After about an hour Peter and Jack leave to go back to work.

Peter walks out of Noah’s about 1 minute before Jack as he is saying goodbye to Martha.

Peter heads for the car when he see’s a note on his window. He reads the note which says ‘you got him free but that means 1 extra person on my list he should of stayed away’

Peter starts punching the car and Jack see’s him.

Jack approaches Peter and asks what is going on.

Jack pulls the note out of Peter’s Hand and looks at Peter!


Will Peter reveal to Jack why he is back?

Is the stalker back?

Leah declares her love for….

Amanda kisses on of her old flames

Sally is falling for Dan.

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