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The Holdens Appreciation Thread

Guest -Emily-

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Yea! I love them too! Especially jack :wub:

Tony is just great! He's like a proper dad, but he's a mate to them too!

Lucas is sweet, I guess kind of boring, but I'm sure there are some great things to come!

Jack, well he's smashing! :lol: He's funny, and nice and friendly.

I'd like this family to have another secret, perhaps tony has another daughter? Which would be very funny! lol

But, I know theres a suspicion of Jack having a secret kid, which I wouldn't like :(.

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I totally love them. I mean Jack, where do I start, hes just...well.. so FIT! lol

Jack is a brill dad and Lucas is cool n is cute with Matilda.

They are my favourite family by far, I want them to have more storylines so I can see more Jack! :D

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