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Thurs16 Mar 06 - " Cassandra The Snob "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Cassandra The Snob "

The ep begins with belle & Ric walking down to the beach In front of the surf club/. She wonders why he so angry. She suggests that it might be because of his dad (Flynn). Ric then explains what happened – fall caused Flynn to loose his strength etc which lead to his death (bell rolls her eyes at this point).

Belle then wonders about the rock/car incident, Ric says that he will tell bell when she’s older. Ric then wonders where belle has been sleeping. She tries to deny it, but belle is forced to admit that she has been sleeping on the beach. Belle is pleased when Ric says that he will bring her some food ‘morrow.

At the diner, Rachel tells Leah what happened (with Helpman). Leah can’t believe that this occurred. Rachel insist “but I love him” (NOTE - Amy Matthews sounded rather contrite when she said that line)

Next morning, at the van park house, Ric ^ Cassie are talking in the kitchen. It’s clear that Cassie isn’t keen on Ric being the cleaner at SBH.

Dan enters via the back door, and sally greets him, and tells Ric & Cassie that they have got an early staff meeting to go to. Leah arrives, and there’s a look of surprised form her that Dan is there. Sally thanks Leah for talking care for little pippa.

When sally &^ Dan have bailed, Cassie is about to leave as well, but she is surprised that Ric isn’t leaving for school with her. Ric insist that he’s got something to do before school.

At the surf club, Belle thanks Ric for the food that he’s bought her. They are talking, but they hide when Cassie, Tilly & Luke approach.

When cassie is oh so NOT impressed that Ric is a cleaner at the school, tilly calls her a snob (note – someone has, no doubt, been dieing to have Tilly say that, as Indiana Evans was of course in a kids show called Snobs).

Ric of course hears what Cassie is saying, and you can tell from the look on his face that he agrees with Tilly.

At SBH< sally &b Dan enter, and Hyde greets sally on her 1-st day back (after Flynn’s death).

Ric then enters the corridor that they are in. he gets hassled by a few kids. Tilly suggests that the losers shouldn’t be doing so, but Cassie is silent (and look quite ashamed). Hyde then asks Ric to follow him.

Outside the surf club, Rachel is way stressing. She is about to bail when Kimmy approaches. Rachel tells him about helpman’s offer. Kimmy wants to go at “deck” Helpman … but Rachel insists that that will make things worse.

Kimmy then gets all noble (and annoying) when he insists that they HAVE to break up. Kimmy says that all Rachel’s years of hard work for her career isn’t worth risking their so far short relationship for.

At SBH< Hyde takes Ric into the boys bathroom, and tells him to clean as much of the graffiti (incl. “Ric is a legend”) off the wall. He then gets to work.

Soon after, sally is teaching an English class – which the subject matter being “The Shawshank Redemption”.

Tilly is about to answer a question, when Ric enters to empty the bins. More students have a go at him, but once more, Cassie doesn’t say a word.

Outside SBH, Ric talks tho Belle about the teasing he’s received – and how he’s had NO spt form Cassie. Belle thinks that Ric shouldn’t put up with a girlfriend like that.

At the diner, sally & Dan talk about her 1-st day back at work. Sally admits that going back REALLY reminds her that life WILL go on without Flynn. Dan touches sally’s hand, in a gesture of spt, but Leah sees this and you can TELL that she is jealous.

Tilly & Co enters, the Ric. When cassia approaches, Ric wonders why she didn't spt him today when he really needed her. Cassie tries to get ric to see things from her perspective, but Ric insists that this isn't about Cassie.

At sbh, Luke & Tilly try to make Cassie see how her behaviour is affecting ric, but Cassie tells Tilly & Luke why she is reacting the way she is. She wants to go to uni & travel, but Ric waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay doesn't share her ambitions.

Outside the surf club, Kimmy & Rachel talk for one last time about their situation. Kimmy still insist that them breaking up is for the best, but when Kimmy walks away, Rachel totally cries.

At SWBH, Cassie apologises to Ric, but he thinks its because of a pep talk form Tilly * Luke. Ric tells Cassie that all of this is to little, to late.

Hyde approaches, and tells Ric that he is to go to the boys toilets ... and there's been a plumbing problem, which means Ric has LOTS of mopping.

When Ric enters the toilets, he sees that there are lots of toilet paper, and with water, on the ground. Also, after he cleaned off all that graffiti earlier, there is already a new msg .... "Ric is a loser". Ric leans against the wall and ends up crouching in despair at what’s happened.

Soon after, near the surfc luyb, ric is talking to bell about waht happen. Belle seizes the moment .. and KISSES Ric .... which Cassie, of course, Cassie witnesses .... she's NOT impressed (end of ep)


The aftermath of the Belle/Ric kiss, Irene catches Belle stealing things form her car, and Robbie proposes to Tash

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