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Mon 6 Mar 06 - "Image Of EVIL !!!”

Guest JosieTash

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Mon 13 Mar 06 - "Image Of EVIL !!!”, Episode # 4141

Near THAT container, peter “finds” jack... and he rings for an ambulance.

At the diner, the likes of Beth & Robbie are trying to convince kit to stay bay side and not go back to uni, but she says that she must. When Robbie & Tash go to the counter, kit comments to Beth on how close that are again.

A boy handing out flyers bumps into Morag and the flyer says that Amanda will be presenting a presentation on project 56 tomorrow. Morag shows the others (incl. Irene & Tony) about the flyers and says that she will get to the bottom of this.

Meanwhile, Tony’s phone rings – you do not need to be Einstein to guess what the call is about.

AT the hospital, Dr Green asks for lots of tests to be done on Jack (who has just arrived at the hospital). The like of Tony, Beth & Martha enter. They are V worried.

Morag goes to Amanda’s’ flat and confronts the vixen. Amanda says that she was only employed by Project 56 within the last week or so. Morag says that she KNOWS that there is something fishy going on, but Amanda suggests that Morag should get back on her medication.

At the hospital, peter tells Tony that he found jack unconscious in the bush. Peter says that he was out there on a stakeout. All the while, you can see that the nearby Martha is V annoyed.

The doctor approaches, and says that jack’s injuries are not serious but he wants to keep jack in overnight for observation. Tony & co asks if they can see Jack, and the doctor “suggests” that they should not be too rowdy.

Tony & Martha enter Jack’s hospital room. Tony wonders what Jack was doing out there in the bush, but Jack is more concerned (suspicious) that it was peter that found him out there.

When Tony exits the room, Martha grills Jack. She wonders why he broke his word. Jack insists that there IS something underhand going on.

Morag returns to the diner, and tells that likes of Irene that (of course) Amanda denied everything.

Leah rushes into the diner. She tells all that she has read a letter saying that her house has been complusary requisitioned. Colleen mentions that the same thing has happened to several in the ppl at her bowl’s club.

Morag & co. gets a town map, and begins to plot where all the affected houses are. During this time, Robbie gets a phone call telling of more homes that are in the same boat.

The truth dawns on Morag, that Titherson’s (the construction Co involved) is going to build a bridge and a motorway right through the centre of the town (and she draws a loose diagram of such on the town map). The likes of Colleen, Irene, Robbie & co are “mostly” not impressed.

At the hospital, Peter enters Jack’s room. Jack confronts Peter about why he was out in the bush. Peter says that he is involved in a case to bust a drug running operation. Peter adds that he could not tell any of the local cops, as one of them might be crooked. When Jack asks further questions. Peter says that he was on this case last year, but was pulled off it when things became close to home when the Dan gambling thing occurred (which is tied in with the drug runners). Peter also explains that he has pics of Leah because he had to keep an eye on her because of her kidnapping etc. After saying all if that, Peter tells Jack that he should not be saying anything about this case, but he felt that Jack had the right to know etc.

Morag once more goes to Amanda’s flat, where she not only confronts Amanda but Josh as well. Josh tells Morag that he is not surprised that she was the first to discover their plans. Morag then insists that Josh can be charged because of a serious breech of ethics (mayor giving own company the tender for bridge etc) but Josh suggests that there’s NO WAY that Morag can link him to Titherson’s. When there is no response from Morag, Josh insists that this is a historic moment (as Morag is speechless). Josh then shuts the door in Morag’s face.

Morag returns to the diner. She insists that the ppl of the bay HAVE to discover a link between Josh & tithesons. The assemble group (kit, Robbie, Tash, Irene, Leah, Colleen & Morag) all hope that Josh has slipped up somehow. Robbie suggests that he will contact his computer hacker friend to see what he can find.

At the hospital, after Tony & Beth have bailed, Jack tells Martha about Peter’s drug story, but Jack insists that he is STILL suspicious.

Next morning, Martha goes to the hospital to visit Jack but he is not in his room. She speaks to Dr Green who says that Jack checked himself out. The doctor asks Martha to get Jack back to the hospital for a final check.

Out in the bush, Jack approaches THAT container. He breaks open the container – but NOTHING is inside!!!

Jack goes to the van park house. Martha is stressed about where Jack had been.

Jack then goes to police station, where another officer was in the process of hauling a criminal away. Peter approaches Jack, and says that they have found & charged that guy that attacked Jack. Peter shows Jack that evidence (incl. Jack’s wallet and the attack weapon with Jack’s blood on it).

At the beach house, Morag & co has yet to come up with any evidence against Josh. Tony insists that they can still voice their protests against the project.

Near the beach, Jack apologises to Martha for breaking his word, and he also approaches the nearby Peter, and apologises to him as well.

When Jack has walked away, Peter gets in her car and makes a phone call. He tells the person of the other end of the line that Jack isn’t an issue anymore more, and that “nothing is going to get in our way” (whilst holding a pic of ZOE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

At the beach house, the search for dirt on Josh continues. Robbie is thinking that things are hopeless, but then Kit answers the phone. When the call ends, she tells Robbie that his hacker friend has found some (scandalous, from the way Kit is talking) the info is about Amanda (end of ep)


The Project 56 launch is V revealing – it incl. A NAKED pic of Amanda, whilst Rachel/kimmy heat up, and Amanda & Kit catch Josh with another woman!!!!

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