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Becs Joy- Our Little Angel

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All Mums think there kids are perfect unitl they start answering back.

Mia seems to be a cute little thing. She is standing up on her Mum and holding herself well for a bub thats only 5/6 months old. Looks like they could have another sporty person in the family.

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Like I have said before, I think selling every milestone your child has, is very tacky. It's almost like cashing in on your own child. Considering Bec and Lleyton try to be very private people (which I understand), it just seems weird that one minute they are upset about photo's of them being published in the Newspaper, the next minute they are splashed all over the Woman's Day every month. Sure, Mia is extremely gorgeous and cute, but don't Bec and Lleyton have enough money without having to drag their child through a media circus? It's just seems wrong on so many levels to me. <_<

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