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Thurs 9 Mar 06 - " Harsh Truths "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Harsh Truths "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 9 Mar 06 - Episode # 4139)

AUthor Note - BIG thanks to Auntie Di for properly spellchecking this ep guide for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ep begins at the police station; an unknown man enters peters office. Peter is annoyed that the person is about 1/2 hour late (as peter planned for them to meet at 6.30). The person gives Peter a whole bunch of files, and at this point, Jack arrives at the station, and overhears their conversation. Peter insists to the other person that this transaction never took place. The person says something “what transaction". As the person leaves, Jack hides behind something so he is not seen.

At the van park house, Sally & Dan are talking. Sally says that she is sorry that this has happened. Dan insists that He is here for a van... but he tells sally that it was an amicable split. When sally comes about the miscarried baby, Dan says that that broke things for Leah, but her kiss with peter-sunk things for him. Dan then exits to go to his van.

At Leah's place, she & Rachel are talking about Leah’s split with Dan. A deliveryman arrives with some flowers. They are for Rachel and there was a "good luck" card from Dr Helpman. Although Leah seems impressed, Rachel is clearly annoyed.

Leah then suggests that they talk about what Rachel’s been doing ...as Leah thinks that, her problem have hogged the limelight. Leah thinks that it would be great if Rachel won he same award as her (Rachel) father, but Rachel is not keen (because of Helpman's V unwanted attention).

At the police station, jack is annoyed when his superior asks him to update lots of missing persons file’s, as jack feels as though that the task is another person’s responsibility. Peter enters the room, and jack's superior wonders if peter saw a van outside the police station way early this morning. Peter insists he did not, and you can see that jack is annoyed because it is clear that peter is lying (van is of unknown person). Peter comments that he often works all-nighters as he can at least get things done (without anyone else around to pester him).

Rachel enters the diner; she gets a text message from Helpman, asking if she got flowers. She deletes it straight away. Rachel then approaches the nearby Dan, who is annoyed that peter has ruined another one of his clients.

At the police station, Jack comments that he thought one of the missing person cases had been turned over to the city cops. So they could handle it. It is clear from Peter's reactions that he knows something about it. Indeed, peter quickly retreats to his office, and slams the door.

Dan enters the police station, and heads for Peter’s office, peter is about to make phone call. Dan tells Peter that his marriage is over, Dan is, then surprised that peter is not already celebrating. Dan insists that he NEVER want to talk to peter again.

Rachel arrives at the hospital and she speaks to nurse Julie, who is worried that lots of files seem to have been misplaced. Helpman approaches Rachel, and wonders if she got his flowers. Rachel insists that she did. Helpman says that he is looking fwd to hearing Rachel's speech after she wins the award, but Rachel is more causeous when Helpman asks for Rachel help with a patient she says that she will be there as soon as she can, as she has things to do. When Helpman walks away, you can see that Rachel is stressed. She talks to nurse Julie, who insists that Helpman will not stop harassing Rachel until she sets him straight.

At the van park house, Leah is talking to Sally, and Leah is surprised when Sally tells her of Dan's Hatred of peter. Peter then enters and says that he's just heard the news. Leah insists hat she doesn't want to see peter.

At the hospital, Helpman approaches Rachel; she says that she could not help him with the other patient as she had more pressing matters. As Helpman tries to assist the seated Rachel, he stands over her, and you can see that Rachel is annoyed. The doctor who told Rachel that she is up for the award approaches, and says that Rachel’s speech looks good, and now they only got to go through the references from supervisors! the award Doctor exits, and Helpman goes too , but before he does he wonders what Rachel wanted to talk to him about earlier. Rachel insists that it can be dealt with later. Helpman I am sure took the query as one about a patient, but you could tell that Rachel was going confront him about his recent behaviour.

At the police station, Jack is looking for a particular missing persons file. Peter says that he has it... and the case has just been solved, as he girl was found in QLD with her hippie boyfriend. Jack's superior tells Jack that they have to go to the hospital to investigate the possible theft of dental records, autopsy reports etc. Peter insists that he will go with jack to deal with this.

Then Jack & Peter arrives, they speak to nurse Julie and the nurses station. She admits that some of the records are up to 2 years old. Jack notices a security camera nearby, and Peter insists that he will investigate the camera footage whilst jack gets a list of the missing patient files etc from Nurse Julie.

Rachel enters her office, and is surprised to see Helpman at her desk. He agrees with the drugs that she is going to prescribe to a patient. Rachel says that she was sure about her decision. Helpman then approaches Rachel, so she decides to speak up and tells him that his advances are unwanted. Helpman apologises for this misunderstanding. It is clear however, that clear that he is annoyed at Rachel.

Leah is in the kitchen of her house when Dan enters. She insists that he was just here to get a few things. Dan is pleased when Leah says that she was REALLY annoyed with peter when he approached her. Leah & Dan agree to try to keep heir separation pretty low key until they figure out how to explain things to their kids etc. Leah & Dan then talk about his new living arrangement (at the van park).

At the hospital, Rachel approaches Nurse Julie and thanks her for convincing her to stand up to Helpman. Julie tells Rachel she (Julie) has to go to police station).

The Doctor who told Rachel about award approaches, and tells Rachel that she did not get award. When Rachel wonders why, doctor says that the referral from supervisor was not as glowing as others were.

When Julie goes to police station, she is looking for peter. Jack says that peter is busy, but Julie can give him documents etc as he is also working on the case. Julie takes some convincing before agreeing. Jack looks at the stills taken from surveillance camera. The photos reveal that the man who spoke to peter this morning has taken the files.

At the hospital, Helpman enter Rachel's office. He says that he has had to review her treatment for several patients. Indeed, he thinks that Rachel's activities should be restricted. Rachel wonders where this is coming from ... considering that, he praised her for weeks. Helpman insists that Rachel has a LOT to learn about the world.

At the police station, Jack shows peter the pic’s from the hospital camera. Peter insists that they are too rained on to be used, but jack insists that they BOTH know who it is in the pics. Peter responds by telling jack that if his actions blow his case that peter is working on, peter will see to it that jack's career is ruined. Peter then exits.

Jack then enters Peter’s office, he unlocks THAT filing cabinet, but there is nothing in there now. Jack in annoyed.

Peter arrives at a property out in the bush. He unlocks, and enters, a shipping container. After he shuts door behind him, and turn on light, peter (who is carrying a bag full of files, removes a sheet of paper from one of the files. he pins it to a wall which his many newspaper articles, photos etc on it ... inc. he word "STALKER" on a V large typed font. (End of ep)


Will Rachel ruin all her years od hard work & study, by kissing Kimmy!!!!

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