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Help! with making avatars and siggies

Guest Tamxxx

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:(:( Can anyone please tell me how they make so pretty and good siggies and avatars, I cant do anything with them except make a boring avatar with a font and just soem small effects, how on earth do people make good siggies like that?. I really am deperate to make good siggies, with loads of effects :( , Ive downloaded photoshop, photofiltre, photoimpression, Adobe photoshop elements and I cant make any good effects
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Well if you're using paint, go to file, open, select which picture you want to edit and click open.

Looking at your avatar, I used the line to put the black lines on the pic and then text to write 'Tam' on it. :)

If you type into google, tuturials for 'insert program name here' then you will find lots, which are helpful :)

Hope that helps :rolleyes:

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