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Wed 8 Mar 06 - "Errands To Run"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Errands To Run"

At the hunter house, there’s a MAJOR clash between Amanda & the hunter family, during which Kit wonders just how Amanda pulled this scam, and Beth insisted that she WILL find out what Amanda has done. Amanda insists that she think that the Hunters are being V ironic, ie by wanting Graham’s possessions for themselves, she’s accusing THEM of being the gold diggers. Throughout all of this, Tony is the voice of reason … trying to keep the peace. Amanda finally decides to bail.

She goes to the mayor’s office where she gleefully tells josh that the solicitor bought their scam hook, line & sinker. Amanda insists that it was genius that she merely changed the date of the will that Graham wrote before the post nup !!!

Leah &^ Dan return to their house after a family camping trip. Leah & Dan are both acting TOO polite to each other.

Morag is now at the hunter place, and Beth wonders if that can legally contest the will, but Morag thinks that it will be a long shot if they do. Beth insits that Graham promises his war medals etc to his grandchildren (kit, Tilly etc), but Morag insits that unless that is in writing it doesn’t mean a thing. Robbie then storms out of the house.

On the road between the main beach at the bay and the beach of the other side of the headland, Tash encounters Robbie. He tells her that he tried to make things better for Graham but no they are WAY worse.

Back at the hunter place, Tony plays devil’s advocate, and suggests that the will might be real. Beth counterpoints this by saying that she thought that her relationship with Graham had WAY improved towards the end of his life. Luke then suggests to Beth that maybe Graham merely did the post nup to appease Beth and her family etc.

Beth tells all that she’s NOT going to put up with this and she charges out of the house. Tony follows her.

Beth charges into Amanda’s flat. She is WAY determined to get Graham's war medals. There’s another MAJOR verbal clash with Amanda, and it gets to the Point where Beth goes to hit Amanda, but Tony prevents her form doing so. Tony convinces Beth t exit.

Robbie & Tash are at Noahs when Josh enters. Robbie is annoyed to encounter josh, so oribi grabs him, and insists that josh & Amanda WON”T get way with their scams.

A6 the hunter house, Beth is sitting on the lounge, with kit & Tilly either side of her. Beth insists that those war medals REALLY REALLY meant something to her. Whilst Beth is talking Tony looks as though he has found a solution to the problems..

Morag then enters, and sys that since will is handwritten, there’s no way they can appeal. Tony then bails.

Tony enters Amanda’s flat. She isn’t keen to see him, but Tony tells Amanda about what THOSE medals mean to Beth. Amanda suggests that Beth doesn’t deserve then, because of her icy relationship with Graham. Tony insists that Amanda should know that relationships of any form are a complicated. Tony hopes that Amanda will do the right thing (note – as you can expect, this was a WAAAAAY emotional scene).

At Leah’s place, she & Dan are in the kitchen …. And they are still being overly polite. Leah decides to bail.

Leah goes to the diner. She tells Irene about all that over politeness, as neither she nor Dan wants to say anything t offend the other. Leah insists that the pregnancy was keeping she & Dan together and now the baby is gone, Leah thinks she & Dan are finished.

At Noahs, Robbie is pleased that at least (throughout all this) he has Tash to talk to again. Kit enters, and suggest that Beth is ready to call out a search party for Robbie. He insists that he’ll be home soon. Kit bails, and you can see that Robbie/Tash are getting REAL close again.

Robbie talk for a little bit longer … before he bails.

Tony returned to the Hunter house. when Beth asks tony where he'd been, tony says that he had some errands to run. Beth tells tony (getting More emotional as she goes) that she HATES the angry woman that she;s become when Amanda is around. Beth insists that "that's not me". tony comforts Beth by hugging her. we hear a knock at the door. Tilly opens the door - it;'s Luke, who tells Tilly that he's just found a parcel at the front door. it's not addressed etc. Tilly hands it to Beth .... and Beth opens the parcel .... and SERIOUSLY starts crying .... as its (of course) THOSE war medals !!!!!!!

late at night at Leah's house, the polite nothingness between Leah & Dan continues.

next morning, things finally come to a head. Leah admits that Leah/Dan just isn't working anymore. they both agree that they are both at fault. Leah (in tears) tells Dan that she thought that they were perfect .... she adds that she can't believe that it's not even been a year since they wed. Both insist that they love each other but it's just not enough (end of ep)


Is ZOE back in town ???….. as Jack is V suspicious of Peter

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