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Miss 321

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how do we or can we deleate our own posts if we accidently make a double post???

(accidently pressing the submit button or the internet plays up when you are about to submit)

and I didnt mean anyone in general when I asked about the ignore function - would just save alot of people arguing with each other just because they dont like each other rather than taking about difference of opinion only

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I'm only posting here because I have no idea where to post this.

I was reading through one of the finished fanfiction which I really loved only to find that not all of it is there in the Northern District Library. Is there anyway to have the rest of it added back on there?


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It's not all in there?! What?! :huh:

Seriously, then something really weird must have happened somewhere :P

Is some of the chapters left in regular fanfiction or something? If so, please post a link to them here, and I'll merge them with the other topic. Or is the fic abandoned and just moved to the wrong place? And if it's like one chapter missing in the middle, it could be in the comments thread, because somebody didn't see it or something. Anyway it's really weird, I'm definitely confused :P

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Okay guys, slight problem.... I've moved the rest of the chapters, which takes a decade and is extremely confusing when you have Windows because the browser memory is limited or something. Anyway, when I was done I realized two chapter was missing somewhere, so I went through the entire fic, and I found out which chapters hadn't been moved. I managed to move one of them, but Chapter 72 is simply nowhere to be found. Does anyone know where on earth this chapter, posted on October 29th is? It's just really weird, because I don't think it's possible that I could have moved only that chapter somewhere else, it's not deleted (checked the trash can, and it's not there) and at the same time I can see that people have commented on this particular chapter, which means it probably was there at some point. I'm completely blank here, I have absolutely no idea where it could be or what has happened (I don't think this has ever happened before) so if anyone has any clue, any help is appreciated!


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