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This is probably not my place to say but because I am not a mod or anything but I was looking through the past 5-10 pages and I have noticed that there was quite a few questions that have already been answered in the help site, if you look through there you may find an answer quicker there.

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I don't know where to put this but spam here https://www.backtothebay.net/forum/topic/49343-buy-real-registered-passport-online-whatsapp447741809479/?ct=1572305249

It's something I've just tried tinkering with but still not much joy, it was set to only show posts from the past year which I've now extended, but it's still only coming up with the latest 1000. Can'

:unsure: Sounds a bit harsh. Why would someone want to ignore a member, unless they are being harrassed or something.

Maybe some of us are.

Thanks for the help though, it worked and they're now ignored. :)

Edit: That doesn't work, I can still see the posts made by them.

I'm just curious but can you delete your own account if you no longer want to be a member on this forum? I don't actually want to do such a stupid thing like that, I'm only curious :P

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You can't but an admin can but its a pain in the ass and we really hate doing it, it effects every post you've ever made and is a big headache.

Traceve if you're having problems with someone on here, feel free to PM me, there might be something we can do about it.

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About not seeing who's reading and who's posting in threads, is this a permanent change or is it a temporary glitch? If it's a glitch, I'm happy to ride it out, but if it's a decision... I'm not happy with flying blind.

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