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Miss 321

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How do you edit the line of text directly below your avatar picture, and above your pips??

i.e. over there


Maybe I'm particularly dumb today, but I've tried everything I can think of, and can't work it out!


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Go to My Controls then theres loads of options on the left, go to edit profile information and then it says custom member title and you type what you want in there. But I think you have to have a certain amount of pips to do it. Because I never noticed that custom member title option before I got 5 pips.

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Umm the new layout of posts really bothers me. Like, when you open a post, you see the original post that the OP made; even if the thread you just opened has like 71 pages and is obvious what it's about...

Is this annoying anyone else, or just me?

And, is it here for good? :(

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That seems to be because the display mode has been changed from standard to outline. It does that sometimes and it's very annoying when it does. To solve the problem, just click on options on the top, look at display modes and click on "Switch to Standard". That should do the trick :)

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