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Appreciated :) There doesn't seem to be an easy solution for this one

The forum just seems a bit dead, and the need for approval makes members seem censored. Personally, I don't really like the thought of something having to be looked over and given the nod before it is 'allowed' to appear on the forum. I know that mods won't be laying a finger on most posts, and all intentions are good, but I reckon it's still making people less likely to post, or making them think twice about posting something. Which isn't really what this forum is about.

I can't help but feel that there are better alternatives to be experimented with before resorting to mod approval. Perhaps by increasing moderation in the forum, increasing official warnings and making use of temp bans for the worst offenders? (obviously I don't know exactly the level of personal warnings / member torture (!) going on 'behind the scenes') Is it possible to restrict someone's posting ability in one forum? If so, it could be utilised to 'ban' people from posting in that one forum for a while. Or possibly the creation of a new user group to stick the offenders into that prevents them from accessing/posting in the forum.

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Unfortunatly, we had warned the trouble makers previously, posted announcements, PM'd the people who were slightly-trouble making, but only a handful of the members actually read them, or at least stopped posting general chit-chat/abuses/spam. We had a long back and forth drama behind the scenes for weeks and weeks, and we finally came to the conclusion to try this system out for a while.

We certainly don't want members to feel uncomfortable in the section, and we really don't want them to think they have to write long essays, because they really don't. This post is perfectly acceptable:

"Wow, wasn't X's hair amazing today! It really complemented her style. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, it looked awesome! I think she should keep it like that! And weren't her boots to. die. for?!"

"You really think so? I didn't think it was that nice, resembled a nest actually... Lol, sorry! Her boots were quite nice though, except the colour was too vivid for my taste!"

Were this one, isn't:

"OMG!!1!! X's hair was totly omg lush!"

"Yah! It was *swoon* nd her boots!"

"Oh god, what is WRONG with you guys, are you totally stupid or sometning?! Your eyes must be retarted! X looked so freaking ugly! Probably like you!

The first one has reasonable SPAG, it's discussing X's hair and style, asking people their opinions, and someone replying in agreement and complimenting her boots. The third wasn't agreeing, but it wasn't opinion abuse, and it wasnt spam, it was somebody who had a different view contributing to the discussion.

The second one has txt-spe@k, is quite spammy in the sense that it's not opening much discussion, the reply is equally spammy, the next reply does not contain bad SPAG but it's blocking peoples opinions, calling an actor ugly and calling them ugly as well. These are the types of posts we were having trouble with.

Now, my SPAG is terrible in this post because I dont have my spellcheck installed, but hopefully you get the gist of what I'm trying to say :P

The key is to discuss, agree, disagree, and have fun as long as you stay on topic and don't get carried away. We aren't looking for essays, perfect SPAG, for everyone to agree with echother or whatever, it's more about what we're not looking for: Short, meaningless posts, Spam, deliberate txt-spe@k, and abuse. Because the latter will most likely get you a ban.

Does that make sense? I hope it does, as Cal says, we are reviewing the situation in Staffghanistan right now.

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Makes perfect sense, and I share your opinion on all of the above points about 'acceptable' posts... I certainly don't have a problem with that (although I do think clarification on the matter will have been useful for some members). The only issue I have is the means of enforcement which I think could be less extreme and more member-friendly (so as to encourage posting, rather than to 'deter' it - although I realise that is absolutely not the intention; it's just a possible side-effect, however much clarification is given on acceptable posts)

SPAM and spag can be, and has been in the past, an issue across all forums, and I believe it can be ironed out in the same way via moderation. It seems to me that the only forum-specific issue (and thus the only justification for having the mod approval requirement) is the character/actor abuse that was taking place. I guess I just struggle to accept that mod-approval is the only way of solving the problem - is it intended as a permanent move, or a temp-fix until a better solution is found?

Just my two-cents on the matter... hope discussions in Staffghanistan are fruitful :P

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We originally decided that it was a temporary thing. We don't like doing it, and we know the members don't like. So we hope to come up with a proper solution which doesn't involve MP. :)

Thanks for the feedback, though. It's good to know how people feel about the situation! :D

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I've been trying to change my avatar for a while now, but it won't let me. First I thought it was the image hosting site, so I changed it. 3 Times. & It still won't let me update my avatar. Any idea whats wrong? :unsure:

Pm me the link if you like and I'll have a go for you. :)

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<3 means love. It supposed to represent a heart if you put in the right way. :)

For example, I <3 Aden = I love Aden.

Ah ha! Now I get it. I was always kept thinking of course your character, or in some cases two characters is less than 3. It’s only one or two characters. :unsure: Thanks for clearing that up Barbara. It had been bugging me for a while. :)

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