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Miss 321

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Sorry if you felt that your point was lost in discussion here, we are currently discussing this in the staff room and trying to figure out what to do.

ETA: Okay, didn't see Kat's post. It has been mentioned and talked about a little, and we'll definitely try to do something soon :)

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I know you guys are kinda in the middle of sorting something out here right now, but can someone answer my question i posted the other day here??


Can anyone tell me...

I want the episode number (eg. 4753 or 4723) for a certain episode, is there anywhere I can post asking for the episode number??

Hope that makes sense. :P


Thanks heaps. :)


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Actually I'm not sure there is a section wherewe can ask that, I'd suggest putting it in General discussion if it was in the past 5 years or in The Bayside Diner if it was earlier. Alternatively you can PM me, I have access to a lot of episode summaries so I might be able to help. :)

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