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Miss 321

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I've just noticed that question is missing as well! It probably disappeared during a board update. It still shows in our profiles though.

I think the 'favourite sopa opera' question has been around since this board was 'Everysoap.com' as it was quite relevant back then, but less so now that we are solely a Home and Away discussion forum (with some off-topic forums including other TV shows). I guess 'favourite character' would be more apt to the board these days.

You can rant about other soaps and shows as much as you like in your profile though!

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Hi, I joined the forums a little while ago and when I joined I was able to just read all the posts on a page at the same time like on any other forum.

However, a couple of days after I joined this changed so that I could only read the first unread post and list of the starting sentences of about the next thirty posts appeared below it in hyperlink form and and because of this I now have to read each post one at a time by pressing it's link. I have no idea how it happened!

I looked around on my control panel to for something to fix it but nothing did. I've been waiting a little while now in the hope that it would resolve itself but it hasn't. I would be grateful for some help as it is really frustrating.

Has anyone come across anything like this before?


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hi everytime i post i notice the number does not go up and it should because i have been posting a bit and i just posted and it still stays at 33. What's going on does the post count not work???? After i posted this question as a topic it went up to 34 but then i replied to a couple of things in the game room and noticed it stayed at 34. Does post count only apply if you start a topic should it also apply when replying to topics?????

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