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Hey. :)

Okay, so I'm trying to change things on my profile. Mainly, my personal statement and also I want to stop getting emails to my hotmail account when I get comments and messages. However, I delete the information in the personal statement and change the email thing to "don't email me". I pressed "save" but it takes me to the index page and doesnt actually save. Can anyone help me with this? Why will it not actually save for me? Thank you! =)

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Ok, I wasn't sure where to put this, but have there been any minor changes to the forum in the past day? Stupid question probably. But my computer stuffed up and I've had to re-install windows and the internet. Now when I log onto the forum, I can't see who's online and when I add replies I can't see the previous ones below. Also, you know how that little l-shaped thing in the bottom corner of a topic to show that you've replied to it, well it doesn't show on any of mine. Are there settings on my computer that I need to change? My computer has done this a couple of times and I've never had this problem. <_<

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It's not just you. I think Chris and Dan are fiddling with the switches, and the server being stupid isn't helping.

My Assistant >>> New Posts works

Your Staff Ryan, that might be the reason things work for you, an not us members.

Veiw new post, now works for me. Which didn't last night.

My Assistant still not working.

I asked Dan, Yesterday abt the forum been different. He told me, they are introducing. The switches,Slowly over time. To help and hopfully!!? stop the forum playing up.

I found the most annoying thing, for me is not knowing, if an when members are online. Esp Part at the bottom of the forum, still not been added.

EDIT: My Assistant, now works.

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