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Miss 321

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It depends where you are posting. Posts in the Character Appreciation forum, in General Chat and in the games room don't count towards your post count because a lot of members were posting pointless posts to boost their count and the decision was taken to disable post count in those forums.

I've had the offsite file message before but I can't remember what the problem was. Double check your post is in the correct format, it tells you in the avatar settings what the formats are, I use jpeg though. Also check you're uploading it from your own webspace or through photoshop or imageshack or something. Let me know if none of that works and I'll have a little think what else the problem could be. Unless of course someone else has the answer first :wink:

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I'm convinced I've got rund this before but I can't think what I did. PM me the link for the av you want to upoad and I'll have a little play about for you see if I can figure it out.

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