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I have17 fancards- all signed most of them are personalised.

Jodi was the quickest person send one back to me- she was very new at the time. Ella's was the best- as she signed the front and wrote a letter on the back. It was very very nice.

Me and my sister both wrote to Sharni ( I wrote to her a couple of weeks before my sister) and my sister recieved a reply and I am yet to.... That makes me very sad... :)

That's so cool. How do you send them to the cast, do you just write a letter to them or something?

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I got one from Kate the other day. She wrote a letter back saying how she misses joel now he has gone but is looking foward to furture storylines. I have not got a scanner so i will not beable to up

That's cool, but sad she misses Joel.

Finally got a reply from Rhannion Fish today! I wrote to her seven months ago. Here is it... (Took a photo of it with my iphone) And she wrote Love from "April" on the back of the envelope, hehe. I

Love_Peter_Baker..... Was your letter from Kate hand written or a typed one??? The ones i have got back from Ada and Paul have both been typed. So i was just wondering if they all had standard typed letters or if some of them wrote them by hand.

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