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The Autograph Thread


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Am going to wait until I move to Sydney to send off mine; hopefully that'll make them return quicker ... !

Also - because I want to go down to Palm Beach and see if I can track down any of the cast personally ;)

But that's awesome that so many people have gotten autographs back! So many places /; people just don't send any at all! :)

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I got a personal letter and signed photo of Ross Pirrelli!! He likes my fanpage and wants me to keep in contact!

Hey thats great!

My sister got some more fancards. She got fancards from Jon, Paul and Amy. Paul and Amy's arrived on the same day. Amy wrote a nice little message.

She also got a letter from Rachel Gordon. In the letter my sister wrote her she asked if Jaz will ever come back to Summer Bay and Rachel said that she loved playing Jaz and who knows maybe she will return to the bay some day!! Hope so! My sisters friend got a short note from Liz Alexander last week saying she really enjoyed playing Christine, that it was fun to play someone on the opposing side to everyone else and working with all of the cast was great.

Has anyone EVER got a JQT fancard? Would love to see what the photo is like!

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I had another fancard from Todd today,

he wrote a nice message on it, he wrote Dearest Zoe, Thank you so much for your awesome fansite! All the best, much love Todd Lasance xxx

Its because ive done a fansite for him on myspace, and he knows about it as when hes been online on his myspace, i asked him to take a look at it, so i have spoken to him through myspace quite a few times. but in my letter, i still decided to tell him that it was me who made the fansite for him.

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I have no idea where to put this... I have signed cards from Todd, Jessica,Christie,Charlotte,Jordan, Lincoln and Celeste. Also photos with them all. Met them at Palm beach/ Ropes Crossing and Teddy Bears Picnic. All extremely friendly and will sign for hours and talk to every fan and pose for photos.. If wanted I can get photos posted somewhere on Forum-. It was funny when Lincoln put his sunnies on and said he was a Blues Brother. No one could take photos with him as they were running late. We also met others at Palm Beach and got photos of them all wrapped up in towels. Todd and Jessica did the in the water scene 4 times and it was cold that day.I only found this today as I was already posting on Todd,s site.

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