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The Autograph Thread


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i got a fan card from todd about 3 weeks ago which was cool but i wrotwe him a letter nd asked 4 a reply but just got the fan card nd at first i was like oh well i don't really care but then i was liike hey i asked hime to make the fan card out to me but he just signed it with todd lasance !!grrr

i mean i'm happy buit i do feel i lil jibbed but then i think he is busy and who can be stuffed

am i being a brat????

I don't think you're being a brat, I felt a bit annoyed that I didn't get anything written on my Todd card as every Neighbours fancard i've ever got has always had loads written on it. But then again, imagine just how many people are writing to him at the moment. At least we have a lovely picture of Todd. :D

yer that's what i thought like he is so popular at the moment so he would have like millions of bags full of mail so i doubt he would have time to write i just felt after seeing that persons post before that he wrote " to **** love todd"

maybe i was being a little jibbed?

but i think your right we do have a nice picture of him to look at *sigh* haha

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does anyone know if the following home and away cast members have official cast fancards and if so anyone got scans cheers

lara fitzgerald rebecca george

julie cooper lisa hayson phillips

miles copeland josh quong tong

melody jones celeste dodwell

kirsty phillips kristie hayes

martin bartlett bob baines

ross buckton david downer

matthew lyons Ross Pirrelli

bridget simmons joy smithers

angelo rosetta Luke Jacobz

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I have sent letters and received fan cards back....but i was thinking of sending some more but this time to the whole cast to see who arrive, just wanted someone's opinion on whether i should write just the one letter asking for the whole casts fancards or write separate letters to the whole cast....which way do you think i will more likely get a response...comments will be greatly appreciated... :)

thanks :)

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Ive had a fancard off Rebecca Breeds which came last week.

the front of the fancard is a pre print, but she hand signed the back of the fancard, wrote a really nice message on the back. she wrote "Thanks for your letter Zoe, all my love and god bless, Rebecca Breeds x

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My sister is fuming because she and her bestfriend sent letters to a whole bunch of cast members at the same time and the only one she got back was from Lynn (Irene). Her friend has got fancards back from Charlotte and Lincoln and short letters from Rachel Gordon and Celeste (anyone know if she has a fancard?) all arrived last week. Do they reply to everyone or just select some at random?

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