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The Autograph Thread


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I am still waiting for Mark Furze and Indiana Evans.

I'm still waitng for several replies from Mark and i've written to Indiana once and got nothing back as yet, so my advice is don't hold your breath, i'm not anymore. I've not even had anything back from Kate Ritchie, so to me, that is bad, she would be an inspiration to the rest of them otherwise. It's the older ones that seem to have more manners, Cornelia Frances, Lyn Collingwood and Lynne McGranger. I'm quite annoyed with the amount of people i've written to and the amount of replies i'm actually still waiting for.

My Home and Away autographs so far include:

Zac Drayson (Will) personally signed

Sam Atwell (Kane) personally signed with a letter on the back

Mark Furze (Ric) a photo from 2005, personally signed, but i've written to him again since then for an updated fan card that i saw a pic of.

Ben Unwin (Jesse) personally signed

Cornelia Frances (Morag) personally signed

Jessica Tovey (Belle) personally signed with a personally hand written letter enclosed proving she had actually read my letter, known due to the contents of her reply.

Sharni Vinson (Cassie) personally signed also with a personal letter.

I've long since been waiting for replies from:

Chris Hemsworth (Kim) although i'm aware i can forget about him now

Mark Furze (Ric)

Indiana Evans (Matilda)

Kate Ritchie (Sally)

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I had two autographs from Anna Hruby (Judith Ackyrod) and Stephen James King (Edward Dugrass), but the genius I am, I lost them during my move to Brisbane. I met them at a Deaf Festival in Sydney few years ago. I was sooo shocked that they could SIGN! It's soo rare seeing someone famous being able to sign! It turned out that Anna used to work at my old high school as a sign language interpreter! Such a small world!

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