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The Autograph Thread


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I wrote to Nick Freedman when he was on it, he played Alex Bennett, if you remember him? I got two signed pictures from him and two letters. I'll see if I can find them.

My brother wrote to Isla Fisher but I can't remember if he got anything back, I'll ask him.

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I got a fancard from Amy Matthews yesterday. Didn't take to long for her to reply to my letter either only about 5 weeks {i'm in Ireland} :rolleyes:

Lucky you! I wrote to Paul O'Brien in Feburary and still no reply. I wonder did it get lost in the post :huh: I'm in Ireland too.

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how long does jessica tovey take to write back?

Not long i don't think, she's very reliable, i had something back from her in no time at all, she's very loyal and loves her fans, appreciates them.

The ones that seem to be a worry who i've written to in recent months are Mark Furze (more than once), Chris Hemsworth (can forget him now), Kate Ritchie and Indiana Evans. I wrote to Sharni Vinson and got a reply fairly quickly, same with Cornelia Frances.

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