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The Autograph Thread


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I didn't ask for an autograph.

I just wrote a letter (to Nic Bishop btw) ... I began by saying I'm from Belgium and that we're almost 2 years behind on the australian episodes. I told him which storylines involving Peter I liked the most. I just said he's a great actor and that I've seen some of the movies he's in as well.

I can't really remember everything I said but those are the main things. At the end of the letter I also congratulated him with the birth of his daughter.

And I just left my adress at the bottom of the letter.

Hope that helps! :wink:

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Did anyone get a reply from Paul lately, and if so when did you write to him? I've noticed them seem to get through some in bulk as people here had mentioned letters they've got from people and it has been around the same time as other people have received them. I wrote to him about 6/7 weeks ago.

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Right, this one has got all us Mods stumped - who can decipher this autograph that is on one of the scripts I've got to giveaway in the Script Comp?


It's not Ada Nicodemou, Chris Hemsworth, Jodi Gordon, Mark Furze, Sharni Vinson, Holly Brisley, Jon Sivewright, Kate Ritchie, Lynne McGranger, Ray Meagher, Chris Sadrinna, Paul O'Brien, Bobby Morley, Indiana Evans, Tim Campbell or Amy Mathews as they're already on that one.

Could it be part of Bobby Morley's autograph? I remember reading in another thread where quite a few people had got his autograph and he did a strange symbol underneath his name?

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I just wrote to Jessica Tovey, I mentioned this stuff:

Wishing her good luck to win at the Logies, and told her she deserves it

Telling her I love having her on the show

She's an awesome actress

Told her about my website about her

Asked her for a fancard

I also wrote a few questions down that I would love if she could answer

Don't try too hard to think of what to say to them, just go with the flow. It wasnt very hard for me to write to Jessica

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It was about either last year or the year before (I think when Jade is just about to leave), I wrote to Kate Garven, I hadn't expected a letter in a short while, but a couple of months letter I see that Kate had written back with an signed autograph and some information about her (In case you couldn't tell, Kate Garven was the one I wrote too, she plays as Jade Sutherland).

I also did write to Jodi Gordon and Kate Ritchie I think earlier this year or last year (Not sure) but they haven't answered it yet

Edit: In fact, I might write a letter to Holly Briskley and Nick Bishop, could I have the address to sent a letter to these two? (And maybe the Actress who plays Rachel, I love her character, no matter what happens she evautally forgives people, quicker then the others thought)

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