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The Autograph Thread


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Right, this one has got all us Mods stumped - who can decipher this autograph that is on one of the scripts I've got to giveaway in the Script Comp?


It's not Ada Nicodemou, Chris Hemsworth, Jodi Gordon, Mark Furze, Sharni Vinson, Holly Brisley, Jon Sivewright, Kate Ritchie, Lynne McGranger, Ray Meagher, Chris Sadrinna, Paul O'Brien, Bobby Morley, Indiana Evans, Tim Campbell or Amy Mathews as they're already on that one.

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Hello Guys,

I got home from work yesterday to find an envelope on the kitchen table, with the channel 7 logo on the front, and i got really excited, i thought it was going to be from Mark Furze or Indiana Evans as i wrote to them a few weeks ago asking for a Fan Card, but it wasn't from either of them it was from Jodi Gordon, i was quite surprised because i wrote to her about a year ago and she still replied after all this time and she wrote on it "Dear Katie love always Jodi" and she enclosed a A4 Sheet of paper with her hobbies etc on it.... the one thing i didn't know was that her full name is: Jodi Lee Gordon. (just a bit if info for those who are interested)

So now in my collection which is not very many, i have Paul and Jodi's fan Cards, I'm so excited, i can't wait until i get Mark and Indiana's, i might start writing to more/all members of the cast as i now know that most of them, if not all reply, even after about a year.

(The only thing with Jodi's is that it has "Jodi Gordan stars as Martha Mackenzie and not HOLDEN" and if i am write it is a new fan card)


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