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The Autograph Thread


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5 hours ago, dancer said:

I agree with you there.

I am in the same boat.


Its funny I know someone in New York and she seems to get replies all the time from actors and others like me I gave up.

Just because you know someone who knows a star doesn't mean you get something, 2 actors I loved to I asked people close to them and one source replied " I really Don't know they that well" and the other said they would ask and never got back with me on it and I heard the same complaint from other fans.



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On ‎2016‎-‎02‎-‎15 at 1:53 PM, Guru said:

Hi All, I know the activity on this thread has been quite of late.

I am selling my entire Home and Away Fan Card collection, 100+ fancards from all eras.

If anyone is interested can you let me know via PM? I will post photographs later.

Do you still have cards to sell? Maybe you can pm   me if you have?


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QUESTION? I wonder how many of you here have been liked or thanked on Twitter or Facebook............I understand it would be a better way for stars to communicate IF it is them? I know from talking to friends here in America who have met actors at events and get OK to add on their accounts........

I know I got 2 autographs years ago here by asking online that way?

Reason I bring this topic up someone on FB posted she had PM a former Aussie star who appeared on H&A and another Mate Down under replied "Good luck on that?"

As I don't do fan mail anymore I'm not to disappointed yet I'm upset when I read some pages and I have noticed the difference between a sincere post by a star and PR from an agent.............I think actors should be responsible and prevent fake accounts yet I know how the business works now,

I never forgive what a source told me that an agent posted for a famous Aussie hero I had. Very disappointed........I was told by someone fans should get over wanting to be added or liked on pages............That goes back to something I was told at an event herein America years ago  actors wanting it both ways......Yes sometimes they blame their agents and people around them yet Its their character how they want to be?


I'm sorry I do not have anymore To give away the only H&A I have left is personally signed as are the few Neighbours and others I have.




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