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The Autograph Thread


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  • 5 months later...

I  haven't seen any new fancards since Kyle Pryor. Can someone please update me on any new cards?

I'm looking for any new cards if there is anyone who might have a double or something, I'm always interessted.

Which of the actors are the newest regulars on the show? I haven't been able to Watch it for about 6 months.


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Hi All, I know the activity on this thread has been quite of late.

I am selling my entire Home and Away Fan Card collection, 100+ fancards from all eras.

If anyone is interested can you let me know via PM? I will post photographs later.

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4 hours ago, dancer said:

i think they are slowly starting to kill em off - even when they do cast appearance they are now doing more photo ops then they do with signing fan cards, which in my opinion is sooooo much better


Yes Dancer its that way here in the States with other shows and actors and been that way for along time.

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I'm very sad to hear that..............one reason is NOT all fans can live close to where shows are film or meet actors in the Big city as my friend in NEW YORK does..........


I stopped doing fan mail years ago now and then I send a request online which I think in a way better yet just because you know someone who knows an actor doesn't mean you get a reply. I had some tell me when I ask 'OH I really don't know them that well?"

I asked some "Close" people to a famous aussie if I could send them mail as they no loner on shows and I was told they didn't do that which is one reason I quit.

I knew one day something like this would happen. I know here in America some Stars have websites and sell their autographs and much like events its become about the money sadly.

My sympathy to all the fans at least we should be grateful for what we have. I wonder if the other shows do that as well?



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