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Hey. Does anyone know if Home and away still sends out fancards??

Haven't heard back from them for about 2 years.. and I have sent letters several times..

Which address do I use these days?


i have to agree with you there, this has happened to myself also.

this is the latest/current & ONLY Address to send to...

(Actor's Name)

C/O Home and Away

Seven Network

GPO Box 7777

Sydney NSW 2001


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I got one from Kate the other day. She wrote a letter back saying how she misses joel now he has gone but is looking foward to furture storylines. I have not got a scanner so i will not beable to up

That's cool, but sad she misses Joel.

Finally got a reply from Rhannion Fish today! I wrote to her seven months ago. Here is it... (Took a photo of it with my iphone) And she wrote Love from "April" on the back of the envelope, hehe. I

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Hello, I dropped in after the new year to check out what been going on. I am sorry to hear some of you haven't got replies. I wished I could help yet I have no Fan cards anymore as I gave up My collection along with my Neighbours ones years ago. My friend in Sydney attend another Celerity party and we had a very interesting debate chat this week. His opinion is most Actors don't want to be bother and wants to be treated like any average person? I gave him my opinion and he supported my views that actors move on. He did tell me a lot of stars he met are very happy to meet and be nice to the fans which I hope gives many of you here hope!

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I met Bernard Curry in 2009 (4 days before Justin Bieber's first album was released) he was in my town for the McHappy Day (he had come to my school to see students). I asked him to sing the Home and Away theme song and he did, the next day (which was McHappy Day one of my teachers went to Maccas and got an autograph for me and my friend who is also a huge Home and Away fan.

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Got a signed fan card from Charlie Clausen on Thursday. Very pleased. Took 8 months. Better than receiving nothing at all!

Is it a new card with a new photo?

Can you share a pic of it? Cheers

What a surprise:-)

This week I recieved a personally signed fancard from Philippa Northeast

Good thing as I have never even written her a letter!!

I sent to the office about 2 months ago.

Is it a new card with a new photo?

Can you share a pic of it?


Capital letters for beginning of sentences.
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