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The Autograph Thread


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  • 3 weeks later...

On an autograph site I found someone who posted a success from Steve Peacocke recently. They sent in Dec and got back 3 April.

That's the most recent success I've seen. Perhaps some others may hear from Steve this month too. Just thought I'd share

to give everyone hope of some replies

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  • 3 weeks later...

Only a week to go until I see Jason Donovan on stage at a large restaurant. Cannot wait.

Regarding Nicola Quilter, one of her workers said she said it is OK but said that I need a picture myself of Nicola to send to her company in London. May just print one off and send it then. I did ask if she had any old cast cards but got no reply yet.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I haven't posted in here in ages.

In March I recieved a personally signed fan card from Nic Westaway.

It seems so long ago but last November I received personally signed fan cards from Lincoln and Dan and a signed fan card from Steve.

I wrote to Channel 5 not long ago and they sent me cast cards of Emily, Dan, Steve, Lisa, Lincoln, Samara, Georgie, Lynne and Ray.

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I recieved, within the last few days, TWO !!!!! fan cards from DEMI HARMAN !!!!! ......

this is after I purchsed one of the DemRock bags that Demi and her sisters create ...... the vinyl record based bags that Sasha regularly has on hand in H&A ......

.....the fan cards were an unexpected bonus !!!!!

It's just THE BEST as Demi does such BRILLIANT job of portraying Sash .....AND that she is creative in other ways as well !!!!!



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  • 2 weeks later...

New fancards out..

I haven't recieved any cards for awhile.. But I know for sure there are new fancards out on

- Lincon Younes

- Isabella Giovinazzzo

- Jessica Grace Smith

- Matt Snow

- Tai Hara

- Philippa Northeast

- Will McDonald

I don't know how to put pics to my messages..But I have scans of these.

- Cassie Howarth

- Bonnie Sveen

- Kyle Pryor

Haven't got scans of these yet..

Just in case anyone's interessted :P

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