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The Autograph Thread

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Oh sorry i am sorta new sorry i was meant for it to go in genaral sorry for my mistake. My apology! The address i used was this

(Character;s real name)

c/o Home and Away

Channel 7

Mobbs Lane

Epping NSW 2121

Hoep you guys get your fav character's Autograph!!

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaw wow!!! That's great! I keep meaning to write a letter but always get pulled into doing something else. Aaaaw bet it's right exciting fo ryou when you recieve a fancard from them. Has anybody tried writing to Emily Perry?

Yeppo :D I was sleep deprived and for some reason got up at like 4am and wrote her a letter :lol: I sent it a few weeks ago. I really hope she replies but I doubt it. Considering she isn't filming there anymore my chances aren't good :( I'll keep hoping though!

Hope you can get your email working Willz. It'd be better just to email her but I'm sure she doesn't go around giving it out LOL

That's what happened to me and I wrote one to Kate Ritchie I sent it on Monday, so I wonder how long it'll take for a reply. I wrote it on my good James Dean paper too, I got it as a gift from my friend because I worship james Dean at the end I wrote I hope you like James Dean. I'm still waiting for a reply from the Mark Furze letter I sent last October. :unsure:

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