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The Autograph Thread


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Your welcomed. My issue has been most of the actors that I would "have' enjoyed contacting either are not working or their shows have been cancelled?

Yet I have heard some bad stories and news that some actors do not do fan mail and that is very disapointing. Yet life too short to be angry however Im very disapointed at 6 well known and some working now Aussies. Out of over 20 replies I made in the past years I only had 5 replies. Not a good record. H&A was one of my good replies so feel good about that!

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Well I did hear good things from friends and sources I know in Australia about what they are like as one H&A mate signs on his break?

I cant talk about certain actors as on other forums its caused problems and N for example is not forgiving when you post things they dont like!

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Which actors from H&A are unlikely to reply to fanmail?

By and large it seems (and this is speaking in the most general terms) that the over forty set is generally better at answering fanmail than the younger set. To be quite honest I haven't been keeping up much with the show at all over the past couple of years so I can't tell you who currently is good at responding and who isn't. But in generally speaking you'd be far more likely to get a reply from Lynne, Ray or Shane than you would most of the kids.

Edit: As a brief aside, you should be aware that some actors just don't sign on principal. A few years back I won an auction for a cast signed H&A poster that was commissioned by Esther Anderson on behalf of the charity auctioning the poster. Now you would think with Esther Anderson being the one who was collecting the signatures that it would've been a complete cast signed poster but this was not the case. I'm not griping because 95% of the signatures were there but there were some notable signatures missing which says at least to me that some cast members at that time just didn't sign autographs period. Now while some cast members featured on the poster (Jessica Tovey, Charlotte Best) were no longer with the show at the time the signatures were collected, there are several others who were still on the show and just didn't sign. I'm not going to name names as again this was for charity and I don't want to make it seem like certain cast members were unwilling to donate their name to a worthy cause but it's something for anyone writing to the H&A cast to be aware of.

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I totally agree with you Jldraw.

" Im not going to name names" yes its hard since some shows and stars are very careful who they talk to. I know how you feel.

Its sad when you have actors that dont sign and as you said it could be they are not on the show. I was disapointed one actor didnt appear in a poster with the rest of the cast and another fan made the comment "maybe she didnt want to?" I have been told by mates who met many famous people who nice and who not! Some actors just are too

"busy" or worse they dont consider it important which goes back to what I noticed in the last few years from Australia. Your people are just as anti fan as some of ours big stars.

Im not to name anyone person but they are just some who do not want to be bothered! I understand the need to respect and treat stars as we would other people with respect yet If someone has that much of an issue they should consider another career.

I have heard some bad stories! They have been US actors who are NOT afraid to come out and say they dont want fan mail? I doubt any Aussie star would be stupid to say anything bad about shows or fans given what happen to Melissa George recent comments even though she has a right to how she feels about her past.

As I always said it depends on the actor and how they been treated on how accessable they are to us fans?

It is always a let down to want to collect a set of actors cards and theres one that you cant get!

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I actually have what I believe to be a very rare Melissa George signed H&A fancard back from when she was on the show. First off I'm not sure how many are aware of this but apparently Melissa George didn't sign all that much during her time on the show and instead chose to send fans who wrote to her a form letter with a biography and a brief Q&A explaining that she just didn't have the time to personally reply to fans. So to begin with having her autograph on a H&A fancard is somewhat rare to begin with as far as I'm aware. But what makes the card I have even rarer is not only did she sign it as "Melissa" but also signed it as "Angel" as well something which probably has a snowballs chance in hell of ever surfacing on a Melissa George autograph again.

The only thing is I have never got i authenticated so what I could have is a big fat forgery. One day I'm going to send it into PSA/DNA and have it analyzed but my guess is that it is real as it came from a rather large collection of fan cards some of which have personal messages written on the backsides. If I ever do send it into third party verification I'll let you know how it all turns out.

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