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^ I wrote to Jess Tovey about 3 times when she was on the show and I never got a reply. I even sent a poster with 1 letter and still she didn't reply. I think that she just doesn't reply in general

:( That's really sad. I wrote to her and nothing happened :( I've been waiting for a couple of years now. I know a few people who have received from Jess Tovey.

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I got one from Kate the other day. She wrote a letter back saying how she misses joel now he has gone but is looking foward to furture storylines. I have not got a scanner so i will not beable to up

That's cool, but sad she misses Joel.

Finally got a reply from Rhannion Fish today! I wrote to her seven months ago. Here is it... (Took a photo of it with my iphone) And she wrote Love from "April" on the back of the envelope, hehe. I

I know this sounds a tad strange but when I clicked on the scan of the letter Steve wrote - my laptop got a virus :( it might just be coincidence and it just appeared when I was reading it but now I'm worried to click on it again!! I'd love to finish reading what he wrote, so if anyone can help and type/copy what he wrote I'd be really grateful!!

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MrsLJacobz are you talking about my letter? So sorry that happened. Weird as it has nothing to do with me. I use imageshack all the time with no problems. Can't type out now, as take too long. Might so later if I have time.

Hi Yellow601! Yes unfortunately it was - it might just be a coincidence - I've never had any problems before either so not blaming you at all! Just scared to click on it again! :blink: was really enjoying reading what he had written to you! :wub:

If you do get a chance - think I got to about the 3rd paragraph of the letter - if you can help I'd be sooo grateful!!

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