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The Autograph Thread


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I'm going to write to Georgie, just gonna give it a few weeks/a month or so, until I know more about her acting and thus what to say in my letter. ut it's looking promising so far. Not gonna write to Zac as I doubt he's gonna get cast card, but will write to him if he sticks around longer than 5 or 6 months.

SQ - Fan card list? :P Might as well join in :D

Has anyone ever seen a reply from Shane Withington (John Palmer)?

P.s. Meant to say thanks also!

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You're welcome.

That's cool. I was thinking of writing to Georgie as maybe she'll have a fan card and from what i've heard she's a great actress. I've only seen her in H&A so i don't know much about her. Maybe google her or something then have plently to say.

Ok here's my fan card list so far:

Esther (Charlie)

Luke M (Romeo)

Axel (Liam)

Lyn C (Colleen)

Emily (Marilyn)

David (Xavier)

Samara (Indi)

Charles (Dexter)

Ray (Alf)

Rhiannon (April)

Amy (Rachel)

Jodi (Martha)

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wow, your'll all have such great lists. I hope mine will be like that soon.

Yeah I heard that Georgie Parker will be in it for 3 years, I'm now sure about Zac and the actress of Lily though ( Charlie-Rose is it?). I would love to write to all three of them. I will wait a few weeks to write to Georige so I can see what I like about her and give them time to issue a fancard. I don't know about Zac and Charlie-Rose. Maybe if they are on for a few months I will, or I'll write to head office and see how long they will be on for.

Although Georgie has been contracted in for 3 years I don't know if she will be issued a fan card. Christy Hays was on for 2 years was it??? and I wrote to head office asking for her fan card and they said that she hasn't got one because she is not a regualr.

Well, here my list for those intersted


Todd Lasance

Luke Mitchell ( with letter)

Rebecca Breeds

Pre-Prints ( from Head office/ Help Desk or whatever it is reffered to) :

Conrad Coleby

Ada Nicodemou

Esther Anderson

Tessa James

Kate Ritchie

Jason Smith

Isabel Lucas

Indiana Evans (authentic signature on back)

Josh Quong Tart

Paul O'Brian

Jodi Gordon

Jessica Tovey

Amy Mathews

Lincoln Lewis

Charlotte Best

Bobby Morley

Mark Furze

Tom Campbell

Jordan Rodrigues

Luke Jacobz

I also have a bunch of unsigned fancards that Head Office sent me. I plan to send then and get then signed.

I am waiting on the whole current cast except for Rebecca Breeds and Luke Jacobz.

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Have you ever seen a reply from Mark Furze? I know he left quite a long time ago, but he was oe of my favourite characters. If anyone would perhaps like to exchange fan cards, I'm very keen to get Mark Furze. :)

So let's hear your list of fan cards then, tessalove? I like seeing who's got what! :D

I have Mark but i got him when he did a Uk show over here and he replied to me :)

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Edward - Yeah, i'd really like to get Bec Breeds. I've written her another letter in an attempt to see if she'll send me a fancard. I've also included a christmas card so i hope that works. I'm gonna post it tomorrow. Are you talking about that website Fanbiz?

Gomez - Nice collection list.

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Edward- If you are thinking about joining the Fan Mail Biz forum I highly recommend that you don't. I have been collecting autographs for about 6 years and have been a member of that forum for about 3. Over the past 2 years the admin has neglected the site and it has become very unsafe. Via Venue addresses should only be distibuted via PM, but there are some people who just don't get that and post the addresses on the foru,. The admin does nothing to prevent that, and therefore ruins everyones chances of getting the autograph of the VV person.

Some of the Mods created another fanmail forum called Celebautos and I recommend joining that. It is much safer and friendlier and the mods and admins will do anything to help you get a success.

When the admin on fanmail found out that the mods created another site she stripped them all from the mod duties. The only people who care about the fanmail site is those few mods who she doesn't know about.

I will post the celebautos link for you soon. Right now my computer is going slow and wont get into the site.

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