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The Autograph Thread


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yeah thats just the normal addess. Because I would assume the have the fancards saved on some editing program and they could just make the PP sig not visable and print it. Well that is my theory anyway. Are you going to try or would you like me to try for you?

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Today I had 5 replies from the cast. I've listed them in order of opening.

Charles Cottier

Samara Weaving

David Jones-Roberts

Ray Meagher

Emily Symons

Samara wrote a very nice letter on lovely pink paper. As i was putting Charles' fancard back into its evelope i noticed a letter, which was a mega surprise. He answered some of my questions and he sounds really down to earth. I was kinda amused by the evelope that Emily's fancard came in because the address was my handwriting and it looked like it had been cut from the letter i sent. :) Also, it came with a typed letter from the office assistant, which i thought was strange considering Emily personally signed the card.

I was hoping David would reply and was pleased he did. As he's one of my favourites and I kinda have a crush on him. :wub:

I was surprised Ray replied, he must get a lot of fan mail and he's been in England for 6 months. So i guess this means he's back in OZ and filming again.

I'm totally thrilled my day has been made.

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ah, man! I went to the post office today, to send my letter for Jess. And of course, I should've known, Norwegian stamps aren't exactly valid in Australia... So I won't be able to include a SASE. I can include an addressed one of course, but not a stamped one. What to do then..? Should I just send one without a stamp, and hope that maybe she'll still reply?.. Or do you guys have any other suggestions? :)

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