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The Bay!!!

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All the summer bay residents gather at the port to head on the boat cruise

"Oh what a lovely boat cant wait to get it on it!" Screamed Colleen

running on the boat with chanpaine

Irene says "Oh colleen give us a break woman!"

Beth and Tony were walking togother and greeted All the residents

Sally Was walking down the road with Pippa in her arms and Ric & Cassie next to her bickering

"Do you ever shut up"Said Ric Cassie shocked " Excuse me! Who hell do you think you are!"

Ric ignored her " Whatever im sick of this, just dont talk to me on this trip ok!" "Fine" Screamed Cassie walking off

Sally asked "Cassie where are you going" Cassie screamed in tears "Im not going IM GOING HOME GOODBYE!" Walking off

Sally concerned asked " Ric what was all that about" Ric said "Im in love with maddie not cassie" Sally was taken back by what he said, Ric walked off.

Leah ran up to sally and hugged her and pippa " Sally are you alright?" Sally responded "Yeah im fine" They walked off down to the boat

Everyone started to come down to the Port It was 8:00pm the boat was almost ready to take off

Martha and jack came down

Martha said "This is going to be fun" She hugged Jack

Jack responded "I know it will be"

They kissed and got on the boat

The captain spoke over the speaker "Hope Everyone enjoys the summerbay Cruise We will be Going all around the bay and will return tomorrow morning, Have a fun night everyone"

Everyone was having drinks and laughing

Ric and cassie wernt speaking, Sally was having fun with Leah and dan, Martha and jack were making out, Alf was speaking to Morag, Tasha and robbie were dancing, Tony and beth were drinking togother & Rachael And Kim were kissing.

Little did they know a bomb was planted in the engine room of the boat With a clock saying 1:00 Left

Ric went into a small booth at a the cafe on the boat Maddie came and sat down "Ric what's wrong" Asked Maddie Ric Didnt want to tell her but he felt it was right "I broke up with Cassie Maddie"

Maddie was shocked "Why" Ric responded "Because this!" Ric kissed Maddie She pulled away for a second "We cant do this!" Ric nodded "Yes we can" So they kissed

Maddie felt happy she and ric were finally togother, Her and lucas realationship didnt work out it just fell apart one by one.

20 seconds were left untill the bomb would explode

Leah was getting drinks at bar and dan became behind her and kissed her "Oh Dan Stop it!" She teased

He grinned and had a big smile

Leah asked "What is it?" "Oh nothing just everything has worked out, we are having a baby we have gotten over the whole peter and the betting incident"

Leah nodded "Yeah we have" They kissed

Alf was walking down the hallway when he heard ticking coming from a room next to the engine room He openned the door to see a machine all taped with wires saying 0:10 0:09 0:08

"OH MY GOD EVERYONE THERES A BOMB!!!" he screamed everyone heard him

BANG!! The Whole Hall way Exploded!!!!

Next time:

The Boat Sinks Who has survived

Is Alf Dead!!!

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The bottom deck on the boat is on fire and the boat is filling up with water.

All the passengers run to the top deck and decide the best thing to do is jump in the water.

'Maddie hold Lucas hand and jump when me and Tony do' shouts Beth.

Everyone is screaming and the boat is gradually sinking.

Bit by bit of the boat sinks and eventually there is no boat left.

All the passengers are stranded at sea without there loved ones.

Leah is shouting 'DAN where you'.

Leah is trying to find Dan in the water but she can barely see anything.

Ric see's someone near the boat and swims over shouting 'mum is that you'

Leah is frantically screaming 'DAN.........'

Ric finds Baby Pippa and takes her to the side of the water edge.

Leah is half on a piece of wood and half in the water crying and having flash backs of Peter.

Baby pippa keeps asking Ric for her Mummy but Ric explains that she will be hear soon.

Ric is trying to keep Pippa warm but he is losing energy himself.

Peter is driving along the city road when he see's something in the water so he gets out and runs towards the water.

He thinks to himself that he can't get in the water on his own so he calls for back up before finding a sppedboat on the other side of the water.

Peter jumps in the water and swims over to the speed boat.

He gets on the speed boat and races towards someone who is laying on top of the water.

As Peter gets closer he realises that it is Alf and he manages to drag him on to the boat.

When Pete turns Alf body over to check his paulse he realises that It's too late.

Alf is gone and he had suffered suvere burns all over his body.

(we hear sirens coming).

Pete decides to look further out at sea and finds bits of wood everywhere.

As Pete gets further out he see's more large bits of wood everywhere.

(The SES crew join Peter in the search)

They spot Ric with baby Pippa in the water.

The search goes on for a couple of hours.

The SES crew demand for Peter to go home and get rest but he is determind to know if his brother was on the boat.

Pete says 'Ric was Dan or Leah on the boat'.

'Yeah they was' replies Ric.

Pete gets back on the boat and goes to search for Dan and Leah.

The Ses team are just about to call of the search until the morning when Pete shouts 'Over here'

Leah is found uncouciuos.

Pete manages to get Leah on his boat and races to the edge of the water.

The paramedics take Leah to the hospital.

Pete gets out of the water to have a talk with the Ses team.

They gather a list together of who is still missing.

Missing people.

Tony holden

Beth hunter

Lucas holden

Matilda hunter

Robbie Hunter

Tasha andrews

Kim Hyde

Dan Baker

Colleen Smart

Rachael Armstrong

Irene Roberts

Jack Holden

Martha mackenzie

Sally Fletcher.


Who will be found alive?

Who planted the Bomb?

Who will be found dead?

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The SES team and helicoptors are out at sea looking for survivors.

Peter Baker is frantically going out of his mind with worry.

The search keeps everyone busy as there is so much wood to clear up and rubbish everywhere.

One member of the SES team finds a body lying over a plank of wood.

No one knows any of the residents of the Summer Bay except Peter.

To do a quick identification the SES leader calls Peter over to identify the Body.

As Peter walks towards the body he see's that it is a male in a suit.

Peter identifys the body as kim Hyde.

Peter goes over to Kim's body and breaks out in tears.

Seeing kim's body there has made him more determined to find his brother.

Pete goes out in a speed boat and looks for more survivors.

The SES team follow Peter.

There is no sign of any body near where the boat sank.

So they decide to head out furtherin to sea.

They are searching for about 3 hours when one of the SES team hears some one shouting.

Peter rushes over to a cave where he see's people huddling up inside.

As they get closer they find:

Matilda Hunter

Beth Hunter

Irene Roberts

Sally flecther.

colleen smart.

The SES team and Peter go and get them from the cave and take them to dry land.

Collen is amazed that detective Peter Baker has saved her.

Peter says 'come on guys I only come for a visit and I have to rescue you!'

colleen replies by saying 'We owe you detective'

they take them to dry land safe and to be checked by a doctor.

The SES team go back out to look for more survivors.

Adam (SES member) finds Tony Holden holding on to a suit case asleep.

he drags Tony on to the boat but he screams with pain.

tony shouts 'Watch it my leg really hurts'

They take him back to the meeting pont and he is taken to hospital.

Peter is shiving and going blue but will not go home for sleep he has been searching for 13 hours now non stop.

The SES decide to call of the search because it is getting too dark.

Adam can see some one in the water and tells everyone to look.

He rushes in the water to find Rachael not breathing.

They rush her in to hospital.

Adam persuades Peter to go and ger rest.

Peter decides he can not sleep so he goes and see's Rachael who is in a Coma.

The Ses team put another list together who is:

Still Missing

Lucas Holden

Robbie Hunter

Martha makenzie

Jack holden

Morag bellingham.

Dan Baker

Tasha Andrews


Who will be found alive?

1 more person is found dead!

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A Night that summerbay will indeed never forget had pasted.

Summerbay Hospital

Colleen Was Whining about her bed

"Mrs smart i assure your bed is fine, ok" The nurse said as she walked out

Leah was still in a critical condition as her baby has stopped breathing

Sally stayed overnight and is now allowed to go home

Matilda was allowed to go home today

Irene was in a bad condition due to the cold water

Beth still had to stay for another few days

"Hey mum" Maddie said as she walked in her mums hospital room "Hey sweety, Im sure you have some other things to do" Mattie said "No im fine, really we should be concentrating on hoping robbie to come back" "Yeah..." Beth mummered and started crying

"Mum its alright" Maddie said as she hugged her mum

Sally was getting ready to leave and go pick up pippa from the kids section in the hospital she was so relieved that Pippa was alright she is all she has got left of Flynn now

She was also sad to hear about Mr stewart dieing she was all she had really left in summerbay that she knew since she was little.

Ric was sitting in his Hospital Room bored he was thinkin about that kiss he and Maddie Shared He was interrupted By A Knock By Peter at his door

"Peter is everything alright anynews on Aunty Morag Yet?" Ric asked

"Mate I dont really know how to say this" Peter said Ric got annoyed "Just say it peter!" "Your aunty morag was found dead this morning she was found washed up on rocks and with no pulse, im very sorry ric"

Ric Held the tears "Peter just go ok" Peter nodded and shut the door when he shut the door Ric couldnt hold it anymore he screamed and smashed up his hospital room he had no one now he was alone, His dad,grandad and aunty were all dead now.

Meanwhile in the waiting area a news bulletin came on the tv

The news reader said "Hello my Names Jenny meth top story today is 6 People are still missing in summer bay's worst disaster ever, The names of the people still missing are Lucas Holden,Robbie Hunter,Martha makenzie,Jack holden,Dan Baker & Tasha Andrews we will have more news in an hour"

When Maddie heard Lucas Holden She felt really sad She regretted that Kiss with Ric she couldnt believe that this accident could make her really choose who she loved and it was Lucas, Maddie Was determind that Lucas was to be found very soon.

Meanwhile Few hours away From Summerbay On an Island

Someone is lieing on the sand washed up from the sand the person wakes up and coughs all water out, its Martha she feels all groggy says to her self "What the hell happend" She remmembers and gets up straight away "OH MY GOD THE BOAT,SINKING,GRANDAD JACKKK!!! NOO!" She scramed and fell down to the ground.

After 5 miniutes of crying she wondered where the hell was she??? All she could see was trees and the sand from where she was standing she got up and felt all dizzy "Woaahhh" She screamed as she fell back down on the ground.

After a half an hour of sitting Martha Got up and walked a bit down the track she saw someone lieing face down on the Sand washed up aswell with black suit on she wondered who it was she ran to the body and roll it over and was Stunned

"OH MY GOD JACK!!" She screamed She gave him mouth to mouth He woke up groggy "Where am i" Jack said "JACK!! REMMEMBER THE BOAT US SINKING " Martha screamed "YES MARTHA OK" Jack said She Hugged Him Tighly "Oh my god i thought i had lost you! when we got split up" Jack smiled and Kissed her "So did I, But where are we ?"

"I dont know on a island somewhere i guess, But jack i thought i was alone on here im glad i found you! we are really meant to be" She said and kissed him "Yeah we are martha,I love you so much, And Me and you will get through this we have each other" They hugged and got up

"Come on we have to go build some shelter looks like a storm is coming" Said jack he grabbed martha by the waist and they walked off into the Bush.

Still missing

Lucas Holden

Robbie Hunter

Dan Baker

Tasha Andrews





Bex will provide you guys with next chapter guys dont forget i have written a new chapter for my story believers finale should be up in a few days. :P

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(At The hospital)

Sally is walking down the corridor when she hears rain pouring down on the sealing and she looks out the window to see everything blowing around.

As she is walking towards the door she see's Peter running towards the entrance of the hospital carrying someone over his sholder.

Sally see's Peter geting nearer to the entrance so she shouts 'HELP'.

Peter runs threw the entrance door and places Lucas on one of the beds near the entrance.

Dr. Free rushes to Lucas.

Petertells Dr. Free 'I found him near the edge of the water when i was looking for Dan'.

Sally walks over to the room where Beth, Maddie and Tony is.

Tony: Sal is there any news?

Sally: It's Lucas!

maddie: Omg is he ok?

Beth: Is he?

Sally: Peter just found him and doctor Free is checking him over now!.

Tony: Thank god for that.

As Maddie thinks about Lucas, Ric comes in to her mind aswell.

Beth says to Tony she will go sit with Lucas because is having to wait for a plaster on his leg.

Lucas wakes up asking for his dad.

Beth explains that he will come and see him soon.

Beth tells Lucas that they still havent found jack yet.

Lucas then starts to cry.

Peter goes in to see how Leah is doing.

Peter: hey hows things.

Leah: Pete why are you back after what you put me through?

Peter: After Dan found out about us, Jack was getting too close to the truth for why I really returned.

after Dan found out I was careless and letting my personal life put the undercover operation in jepordy.

Leah: But you lied about Claire and you splitting up, you even sent that murphey guy round to let me think you had left her!!!

Peter: Leah if I did'nt get you to think me and Claire was over. Eve would of gone after her aswell, Idone it for you.

Leah: Why kiss me then?

Peter: I did'nt come back to win your heart. It just happened....

Leah: I think we need to talk when I get out of here.

Peter: Im goig back out to look for Dan...

Leah: Pete..... Promise me you will find him.

Pete walks out of Leah room and heads off to search for Dan.

the edge of the water in a deserted city.

We see Robbie stumbling and holding him self up by holding on to branches around him.

Robbie is shouting 'Help' but he holds his stomach in pain as he shouts.

Robbie Pulls him self up and walks a couple of yards until he see's a road side.

As he is walking towards the road he see's a car and flags it down.

Robbie gets in the carand speaks to a man who is driving.

The man says he will take him back to Robbie's house.

Robbie asks 'how do you know where I live'?

the man replies by saying 'I don't...

A women in the back of the car says 'But I do'

Robbie turns around to see..........

The next day at the church.

Ric, Cassie and Sally are standing by Alf's and Morag's grave saying a how much they love him and he wil never be forgotton.

Kim body is layed to rest with barry and Irene standing by his grave side.

Everyone gathers at the dinner to say a few words for the people who have died and are missing.

Everyone is eating until they hear someone shouting 'Its Tasha'

Everyone runs towards Tasha who is limping towards th dinner.

Tsha is taken to the hospital to be checked over and has got a sprained ankle.

Tasha has to stay in over night and keeps asking where's Robbie?

but no one can give her an answer!

Peter enters Rachael room to check on her.

Rachael condition is still th same and she is in a coma.

Leah is discharged from hospital and is taken back to her house by Sally.

Pete gets a phone call in the hospital from tthe SES team leader saying

'Hey detectiver Baker its Andy. Me and the team have decided to call off the search'.

Peter: 'NO we can't stop Dan is out there alive'.

Ses team: Sorry but thre is nothing we can do! We are puting Dan to be presumed dead.

Peter break down to the floor dropping his mobile phone.

Peter goes round to tell Leah what he has been told.

Leah and Peter hug each other whilst crying.

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