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Thurs 23 Feb 06 - "Attitude Adjustments"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Attitude Adjustments"

Tash is desperate trying to escape from the shed. She tries to call out for help through a tiny bit of the shed that isn't quite touching the round any more.

Mumma rose approaches Jonah and she questions him about Robbie’s presence (in previous ep).

One of the believers rushes in, and says that the shed is on fire.

Jonah & the others rush to the shed. Someone suggests grabbing the key, but Jonah decides to use a nearby crowbar to break open the door. Jonah sees all he flames, so he wraps a blanket round him and charges into the burning shed. Jonah rescues tash.

Soon after, Jonah & mumma rose are talking. She says that (the nearby) tash is chained up until they can find a better solution for her. Mumma rose that hope that Jonah’s feelings for tash won’t get in the way of the plans again, as “Tash IS the chosen one”. Btw, the sleeping tash begins to stir during the least few moments ad their conversation. Before muuma rose leaves the tenet, she insists that Jonah must tells her immediately when tash awakes.

When Mumma Rose is gone, tash pleads with Jonah to let her go. She also questions him about Rebecca … but Jonah insists that Rebecca’s; needs the believers help or else she’d be locked up in a mental home again.

Jonah then asked tash to drink some (V unclear) water. Tash thinks that the water is drugged, and a V zombied Rebecca entering the tent and telling tash that the believers are a great thing doesn’t help. Indeed, when Rebecca is gone, tash tips the water bouts, and tells Jonah to go to hell.

Soon after, Jonah talks to tash about what the believers are all about. He says that both Mumma Rose and her offspring (himself) are divine beings, but they are on this earth, so they NEED the child of the chose one (tash) to cleanse the believers etc.

Tash doesn’t believe a word of all this, and insists that she knows that there is still some good within Jonah. Tash insists that she fell in love with the GOOD inn Jonah … and KNOWS that he can help her escapes.

Jonah then decides to help tash. He suggests to tash that they’ve got to sneak between the tents before they EAKLLY make a run for it when trying to escape from the farm.

When they get beyond the last tent, Tash & Jonah indeed do trey to run and escape form the nightmare that is the believers farm … but they are seen … and BOTH are captured (end of ep)

At the van park house, ric & Cassie are about to prepare their school lunches for the next day. Sally enters the room, and insists that she can do it. When Cassie says that she’ll do the washing instead, sally says that, no, she’ll do that ….. which sets the trend for the whole episode.

The next day, sally is up in her room scrubbing the floor, whilst downstairs, ric & Cassie comments to Leah & colleen about Sally wanting to do everything herself. Colleen looks in the freezer and sees all the casseroles that she bought over, she takes over to them not being eaten. Leah & Cassie insists that this is not about colleen.

Leah deicide to act … she decides to takes some of sally & co’s washing home, but when sally comes downstairs she way takes offence to this (and colleen & any others trying to help).

Meanwhile, Luke & Tilly have arrived and Tilly talks about Graham being in a coma. Cassie insists that she knows how Tilly is feeling etc.

When the 4some go to school, ric takes offence to various other students reacting weirdly around him.

After a lesson forrm Dan, ric & cassie talks about how sally is behaving and Luke says that jack told him that Tony reacted in a similar way (getting waaaaaaaaay back into running etc) after their mum died. Luke says that things eventually got back to normal. Ric wonders what will happen if things DON’T go back to normal.

Another student approaches, and says a comment that has nothing to do with the Flynn situation but ric takes the comment personally, and verbally attacks the other student. Dan suggests that perhaps ric should go home early today, and Hyde agrees with Dan. Ric decides to bail … but not before ric gives (shoves) the books, folders that he is holding to Hyde.

Back at the van park house, an unknown woman arrives. She really shocks sally when she says that she wants to speak to Flynn. The woman says that she booked a van recently. Sally hands the woman the key, and when the woman is out of the room, the tears well up in sally’s eyes and she gets way emotional (but doesn’t start balling).

Soon after, sally is at least trying to eat when Alf arrives. When he says that he’s dropped around to see how sally & the family is. Sally takes out all her frustrations on Alf. She can’t hold back the tears of she insists that she doesn’t need any help form Alf, Leah, colleen or ANYONE. (Note - more FINE acting from Kate)


What does Ric do to get himself explelled? Kimmy takes offence to Dr Helpman touching Rachel, and Leah confronts Peter about THOSE photos

H&A Related News

Kate Ritchie will be on Sunday Sunrise this weekend, no doubt to promote the soon to released H&A Weddings DVD

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