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Hey I got bored and this is my first fan fic tell me what you think

it happens the day after Jacks ex arrives in town. Martha found them two kissing

"Knock Knock"

Who could that be Martha thought to her self...

On days like this she just wanted to be alone...After the whole thing we Jack she didn’t want any company today... Just thinking of Jack made tears come to her eyes. why did it have to be like this

Go away Martha said...C'mon Martha you can’t stay in there all day. Martha recognized the familiar voice it was Robbie's and Tasha's..

Coming Martha yelled...Hello Martha both of them replied...What do you want? Martha replied in a disappointing voice....Martha you're going to have to get out of the house today...you're not staying in there all day...replied her best friend. Guys thanks for caring but today I don't feel like doing anything so I’m just going to go back and watch TV. Martha said. But Martha...- No I’m fine guys really Martha said before Robbie could finish his sentence. Fine we will leave but Martha if u need us for anything you know where to find us. And as they said this they both left.

Martha went back to sit in front of the TV. All she could think about was Jack, and how happy she was with him. So many questions went through her mind why did Jack kiss his ex? Did he still like his ex? And the most important one was did Jack still like her? She thought to herself C’mon Martha forget about Jack. The best way for her to do this was to go for a walk to the beach, walking on the beach always cleared her head. As she was walking along she spotted Jack sitting on the sand. He turned around and yelled out her name but all she could do was run, she wasn’t ready to face him, she didn’t know what to say to him. As she ran of she could feel the tears coming out of her eyes

Once she got back to the apartment she went straight to bed still boiling her eyes out and eventually got to sleep. After an hour or so…..Martha get up said Alf as he knocked on her door. After 5minutes Martha got out of her bedroom and said granddad what did you want. He looked at her in a weird way and said Martha did you forget you have a shift come on go get ready customers are waiting. Martha quickly ran to get dressed and headed down. As she was serving customers she once again couldn’t stop thinking about Jack. Martha can I please get a bottle of water said Tony. Oh yeah sure Martha said. Tony looked at Martha and said are you ok Martha? Once again Martha was in her own world. Yes I’m fine she replied. As Tony left she saw Jack coming towards her. Hello Martha I’m really sorry jack said. You know what Jack don’t hurt me more than you already have…but Martha I didn’t mean for that to happen last night jack said in a disappointed voice he knew he had made a huge mistake. So what you’re trying to tell me is that it was an accident, if you really liked me that would of never happened but I guess you never did like me just leave me alone ok and at that moment Alf came down and said what’s going on here. Granddad can you take over I just need a brake Martha said and walked out.

Jack followed her Martha wait I’m sorry I really am I still really love you. Jack just leave me alone ok Martha replied. I’m sorry Jack repeated again I didn’t mean to kiss Emily (his ex) last night it’s just that me and Emily went out for along time before I moved to summer bay and I really liked her back then and I was so glad to see her, look Martha If I could take that back I would. Just as Jack finished saying that Martha spotted Emily. Hello Jack Emily said. This isn’t really a good time Emily jack replied so can you give me and Martha some time. But before Emily could reply Martha walked of. Martha wait Jack said, Jack let her go Emily said. Look Emily said Jack I’m really sorry but I love Martha and what happened between me and you last night was a mistake I’m sorry it should of never happened and all I want to do now is make things right between me and Martha. Jack ran after Martha before Emily even got the chance to speak. Martha wait he yelled out as he was running towards her, look I still love you and as I said before if I could take it all back I would and I promise you that I don’t have any feelings for Emily Martha looked deep into his eyes and the next thing she knew Jack was kissing her.

After a couple of seconds Martha pushed Jack giving him the signal to stop. What do you think you’re doing Jack Martha said. I Love you Jack said as he finished saying that Martha grabbed him and started kissing him. Once they pulled away Jack looked at Martha and said so....do you forgive me Martha. Yes I do she replied with a big smile on her face. Jack walked Martha all the way back to the apartment hand in hand

Next Time:

-Will Emily cause any more trouble for Jack and Martha

I May start adding Lucas and Matilda in this and other people :D:lol::D

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heres the next chapter it's a bit short but hope you enjoy it

Chapter 2:

Relaxing in the sun, there’s nothing better to do on a day like this said Lucas to his Girlfriend Matilda.

I agree Matilda replied I wish everyday could be just like this one

Just then Emily walks past Lucas and Matilda Lucas is shocked to see her. He hasn’t seen her since they moved to summer bay

Hey Emily what are you doing here Lucas said still in shock

Can’t I come visit my friends said Emily in a happy tone

Sure you can Lucas smiled does Jack know you’re back and by the way this is my girlfriend Matilda

Nice to meet you Matilda Emily

Nice to meet you to Matilda replied

So how did you know we moved to summer bay Lucas said

I have my ways Emily replied I met up with Jack before things didn’t really go that good anyways I’m going to go and grab some lunch I’ll catch up with u later

Bye both of them replied

So Lucas who was that Matilda asked her boyfriend

Oh that was Jacks ex girlfriend they went out for along time before Jack broke up with her because we were moving.

Oh ok Matilda said…she had a suspicious look

What Lucas said what’s with the look?

Nothing replied Matilda but do you think she came to visit because she wants to get back with Jack

I don’t know Maddie but Martha and Jack are together now and I don’t think Jack will ever leave Martha

Yeah I guess you’re right Matilda replied with a big smile on her face

Just then they spotted Jack and Martha walking towards them

What are you to smiling about asked Jack?

Oh nothing Lucas said hey guess who I just saw Emily… you’re ex

Don’t remind me Martha said

She said that things didn’t go well between you guys when you met up with her before Matilda asked still confused of what really happened

Yeah well long story Jack said as him and Martha headed to go get some lunch

Hmmm…Lucas thought to him self what if Emily was here to break up Jack and Martha. Maybe Maddie was right.

Lucas Matilda yelled out come in here its nice and cold So Lucas got up and followed Maddie into the water yeah you’re write it is nice and cold

Martha Jack said i love you I love you too Jack...

I’m sorry about the other night. Its ok Jack I already forgave u

Jack thought to him self I’m the luckiest man in the world I had the most perfect girlfriend and nothing is ever going to come between us

Emily got some lunch and sat down just then her phone rang oh hello she said yes I’ve seen him it didn’t go to well but I’ve got a plan I think it will work.

Next Time:

What’s Emily’s plan?

Will it come between Martha and Jack?

Will Lucas and Matilda find out about it?

Tell me what you think please…. :lol:

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Heres the next chapter

Chapter 3:

Martha and Jack entered the diner and ordered some lunch

“This is the best time I’ve had in ages …sitting here having lunch with my girlfriend” Jack said as he smiled

All Martha could do in return was smile she was just so glad that her and jack were together again, she couldn’t stand arguing with him.

Once they finished eating their lunch Martha said “Hey Jack ill see you around I got to catch up with Tasha I promised her that me and her would go shopping”

“Ok no problem” Jack replied as he kissed her on the cheek

As Martha was walking to Tasha’s place she spotted Emily but tried to ignore her

“Martha can we just talk. look I’m sorry about what happened with me and Jack the other day look all I want to do is be friends and I’m sorry I promise I won’t do anything that stupid again” Emily said

Martha thought to her self maybe if I gave Emily a chance maybe she wouldn’t be that bad she knew that Emily had kissed Jack but Jack liked her that’s all that mattered “Ok” Martha replied I got to go ill see you around

As Emily walked into the diner she saw Jack and walked towards him

“Hello Jack” Emily said in a cheerful voice, look I didn’t come back here to break you and Martha up I just wanted to see you and maybe even stay here.

“Are you serious” Jack said

“Yeah of course I am now can I sit down” Emily asked

“Yeah sure it’s not like anyone is sitting there” Jack replied

“So what you got planned for today Jack, are you going to work or do you have the day of” Emily asked

“Nah I’m not working today I just thought of relaxing today” Jack replied

“Ok then well then you can teach me how to surf and don’t worry me and you’re girlfriend are cool now and I apologized to her what happened with me and you the other day so I don’t think she will mind”

“I’m not sure” Jack replied

“Well C’mon you have nothing better to do today right?”

“That’s right ok well I guess I could give you a surfing lesson” Jack said

“Ok well I’m going to go get ready and I will meet up with you later at the beach” As Emily said this she walked out.

At the beach Jack was waiting for Emily to arrive as soon as she arrived Jack and her went straight into the water and the lesson had began.

An hour later

Well you are pretty good for the first time I guess Jack said”

“Hmmm Emily replied I’m good at everything” she smiled

“Ok well I’ll give you a brake but after 5minutes we are going back into the water: Jack said

Just then Jack’s phone rang “Hello Martha”

“Hey Jack I was wondering if you wanted to come over” Martha asked

“Nah I’m sorry I’m just to busy right now I’m teaching Emily how to surf”

“Ohhhh ok” Martha said ill see you later then bye

“Bye” Jack replied

They are just friend Martha thought to her self c’mon its just one surfing lesson and plus Jack loves me not her

As Emily finished her surfing lesson with Jack she wondered to her self maybe getting Jack back won’t be so hard after all.

“Well I’m going to go now cya” Jack said as he left.

Once he got back home he went straight to sleep he was so tired.

The following day

“Hello again” Emily was once again talking to someone on the phone “Things are going great I’m going to ask Jack to help me find an apartment today that will keep Martha out of my way.

Jack woke up Early that morning he had to go to work but before he got into the car his phone rang

“Hello” Jack said

“Hey Jack its Emily I was wondering today if you have anytime after work if you could come with me to check out some apartments because I don’t know much people here.

“Sure” Jack replied as soon as I finished work ill meet you at the beach ok well I’ll see you then

“Bye” Emily said

After jack had finished his work his phone rang again

“Oh hello Martha” Jack said

“Hey Jack I didn’t get to see you yesterday much so I was wondering if you want to hang out now?”

“Hey Martha I’m sorry I promised Emily I would help her look for an apartment:

“Ok then bye” Martha replied disappointed

This was the second time Jack had gone with Emily instead of her. Martha thought to herself is she trying to steal Jack away from me

It was a long day and Jack and Emily even found Emily a new apartment. Jack thought in his mind wow we are getting on pretty well.

“Hey Jack thanks for helping me out today I mean I couldn’t have done it without you”

“yeah that’s ok” Jack replied

“Do you want to go for a walk on the beach” Emily asked

“sure why not” Jack answered

Him and Emily were sitting on the beach for an hour talking about old times. it was great Jack thought I finally get to talk to someone I have known for ages

It was getting late and jack went home once again Emily thanked him and gave him hug

Once Emily was at the diner eating dinner her phone started ringing

“Oh hello again she said..you wouldn’t believe it me and Jack are getting on really well I don’t think he even thought about Martha today I’m sure soon enough they are going to brake up and me and him can be together”

The person on the other side of the phone said something

“I don’t know if I can do that Emily replied what if dad finds out” Emily said shocked “Ok well maybe I will but don’t tell dad where I am because this way he will never find out and me and Jack can be together forever. After I tell this too Jack he will always be around me because he will feel sorry for me…oh this is going to be great cya later”

As she hanged up the phone she couldn’t help but smiling. Jack was soon going to be hers

She never realized it but Lucas and Maddie had heard the whole conversation with Enily and the other person

Do you reckon we should tell Jack Lucas said

Well I don’t know we have to find out what she is going to do first Maddie replied

Next Time:

What is Emily going to do?

Will Lucas and Maddie tell Jack or Martha?

Will this break Martha and Jack apart?

Please tell me what you think……..

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*slaps Jack across the face* What is his problem. He has a gorgeous gf and his hanging around with his loser ex and not even thinking about Martha. Grrrrr...i hate Emily

Please update soon :)


Jack you dumba$$ she's your girlfriend what are you doing? <_<

Please update soon.

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