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Mon 20 Feb 06 - "World Pizza"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " World Pizza "

Credits - As expected, Flynn is gone from the opening titles. Alf (naturally) is now partnering Sally on the credits, and Beth & Tony are now together.

Robbie & Kimmy go to a beautiful secluded beach to get away for all their hassles. Robbie isn’t keen on talking about tash, and Kimmy is reacting the same way about Rachel.

Things however are changed when a bikini-clad girl arrives. She tells Robbie & Kimmy that her name is Jane and that the she’s a uni student who is training to be a social worker. Jane also mentions that she’s in this part of the world (after travelling from the city) with a friend.

Kimmy suggests that Robbie should perhaps get “friendly” with Jane, but Robbie is stressing so much about all this that she always says bad jokes or puns when he’s talking to Jane, eg when she jokes about beauty pageant competitors saying that the want world peace, Robbie responds by saying that he wants world pizza.

When all 3 are back on the beach (after Robbie & Jane had been swimming for a bit), Robbie comments that Kimmy could perhaps get over Rachel with Jane’s friend…. Until that friend arrives, and we discovers that the friend in question is non other that KIT.

As the four of them talk on the beach, kit says that she hasn’t had a drink in ages, and it’s all because of Jane.

Soon after, Robbie & Jane are over that water, whilst kit & Kimmy are talking about what’s happened to each other since they split (hayley etc).

In the water, Jane (who is clearly interested in Robbie) makes her move … she kisses him… much to the delight of Kimmy & kit on the beach. But then, kit gets a phone call (see below)

Amanda is way panicking about Graham, so she brings josh, whom insists that she should bail from the flat.

Just as she is about to, Beth arrives and is WAY shocked. She immediately trios to revive Graham, whilst Amanda makes a “2-nd” phone call to the ambulance service. As Beth continues to try to save her father, (former lifeguard) Josh arrives and he & Beth are able to get Graham breathing again.

AT the hospital, the make doctor who Flynn “handed the baton to” (can’t rem his name) tells Amanda, Beth, Tilly & Co that Graham is unconscious but she is mostly Ok. Tilly is V worried. The doctor says that Beth & Co can go in9o see Graham.

Before she enters the room, Amanda rings josh, as she’s worried about Graham perhaps remembering what happened. Josh insists that Amanda HAS to keep calm. Also, josh is shocked that Graham told Amanda that he wants a divorce. Josh insists that he will go to the flat about destroy both the divorce documents and those about Project 56.

In Graham’s hospital room, tilly & Beth are really pleased when Graham wakes up, but when he sees that there’s all tubes and things keeping him alive, Graham insist that the doesn’t want to be kept alive with machines etc.

Soon after, when Amanda is in the room talking to Graham, several of the things that Amanda says makes Graham remember what happened (and the look on Graham’s face when he DOES remember is priceless). Graham then further shocks Amanda when he tells her that he has copies of the divorce & project 656 documents where she’ll never locate them. Graham & Amanda has yet another fierce verbal duel …. Which leads to ANOTHER heart attack.

The doctor tells Beth, Tilly & Co that this 2-nd heart attack has left Graham completely brain dead. Tilly, Beth & Amanda etc are waaaaaaaaaaaay shocked, but Beth insists that graham didn't want to live like this. Indeed, Beth tells a distraught Amanda (re graham's situation) "that's not living, it's just existing" or words to that effect.

This is when kit gets THAT phone call from Tony.

In graham's hospital room, Beth & Tilly say their heartfelt goodbyes to Graham, whilst josh signals to Amanda that he'd like to speak to her outside the room. When Josh speaks to Amanda, he shocks her when he says that he's read the post nup (that's not the shocking bit). The surprising info is that graham has a clause inserted into the post nup ... saying that if he dies in the 1-st 3 months of their marriage, Amanda doesn't get even a cent of his money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (end of ep)


Amanda has to give the performance of her life - in court - to keep Graham alive.

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