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Robbie and Kim

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There seems to be a growing fan-base for my boys, so I thought I'd start a thread. Call it appreciation, call it discussion, call it what you will. Mostly I just had these quotes from last night's episode that I thought I might share. (The camping trip, featuring Jane and Kit - I didn't know where else to post it, cause it's not really about either of them...so here we are.) Please forgive the lack of SPAG - it's way too early in the morning to go changing all THAT :P

robbie: "remind me why we're here again, please?"

kim: "because we need to have a good time and you need to forget about tash."

robbie: "oh i see. and how am i supposed to just forget about her?"

kim: "by distracting yourself. the same way you helped me do when i needed to forget about hayley...except i'm not taking you off to a nudist resort to do it."

robbie: "there are plenty of other chicks you can chase after."

kim: "alright, you're on. but only if you're with me."

robbie: "nuh."

kim: "why not?"

robbie: "you know why not - i'm a mess! i'm not going anywhere near chicks!"

kim: "what are you waiting for?"

robbie: "i'm not waiting for anything. i told you i'm not interested in anything right now."

kim: "not interested? that's why you're having trouble talking like a normal human being?"

robbie (to kim): "i already told you i'm not up for it. will you just get off my back, please?"

kim: "*laughs at robbie* ah.. 'beer rocks'... out of all the things you could have said...even a simple 'cheers' would have been better."

kit: "yeah i didn't think there'd be too many robbie and kims in this place."

robbie: "the only thing smooth about me is my chest."


(Many thanks to Megina for the pic - more in the screen caps forum :D)

All Robbie fans, Kim fans, Robbie & Kim fans welcome :).

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Ah I love this forum. Until I came here I thought I was all alone in having odd, slightly disturbing thoughts about these two (and Noah). Now, I realise I'm not. Happy days :D .

Oh my Gawd... I had completely forgotten about the Kim/Noah/Robbie that happened when Kim first showed up. It was like Noah was teaching them how to be different before he died :o

OT3 buwah!!

P.S You are never alone with the disturbing, yet fantastic, thoughts :wink:

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