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This is a fan fic about Kirsty and Kane's daughter Ashley talking about losing her best friend.

Chapter 1

Daniella was my best friend until that tragic day that I would rather not remember but before I'll you about that day lets take a trip down memory lane right back to when I first met Daniella.

I was starting kindergarten I was excited and scared at the same time when I walked in the gate with my parents both holding my hands

"Bye Ashley have fun" they said they kissed me on the top of the head and left to go to work. Mum was going to the High School were she was a Phys Ed teacher and Dad was going to the Blaxland. As soon as they left I felt alone and scared I didnt like the look of the other children except for this girl that was clinging on to her fathers leg saying

"Daddy daddy don't go" she said

"Daniella it will be alright" said her father

"I'm scared" said Daniella "the other kids will be mean to me"

"Look there’s a nice looking girl" her father said pointing towards me

He led Daniella over to me

"Hello" he said leaning down to my level "My name is Mr. Banks and this is Daniella she is starting here today too"

"Hi" I said "my name is Ashley Phillips"

"Hello Ashley" she said

"Okay everyone" clapped the teacher "let’s go inside"

Daniella's father kissed her on the top of the head

"Daniella you go of with Ashley now I will pick you up this afternoon"

"Okay Daddy" said Daniella

The teacher led inside in two lines when we got inside she introuduced herself to us

"Hi my name is Mrs White" she said

"Hi my Mrs. White" we all chanted

"I'm going to ask you all of your names then I will hand out your name tags that I made yesterday" she said

She asked about five people what their names were before she asked Daniella and I.

"Whats your name sweetie?" she asked me

"Ashley" I said

She handed me my name tag and I put it on then she asked Daniella what her name and Daniella told Mrs. White her name so Mrs. White gave Daniella her name badge.

That day after kindergarten my Auntie Dani came to pick me up

"So who was your first day of kindy?" asked Auntie Dani

"Good" I said

"Did you make any friends?" she asked

"Yes Daniella" I said

"Wow" said Auntie Dani "Is she nice?"

"Yes" I said

"Great" said Dani "How about an ice-cream?"

"Yeah" I said

Dani took me to the ice-cream shop and brought me a chocolate ice cream and she brought herself vanilla ice-cream. That night when I saw my parents I told them I met a new friend Daniella. They were glad I made a new friend. We went and had tea at the Diner that to celebrate me surviving my first day of kindergarten, Daniella was having tea with her father there. So we ended up sitting with Daniella and her dad. It was fun. Over the next few years Daniella and i became inseparable. When we went to High School we made a new friend Kelsey Ashton. But she moved in year 9. Year 10 was when that tragic day happened the day Daniella died.

Chapter 2

It started out like any other normal day I awoke on a sunny Tuesday morning ready for school Mum made bacon and eggs for breakfast Dad had already gone to work on an early charter, we drove to Daniella's house and picked her up. Daniella kissed her dad goodbye and her little sister and brother she said goodbye to her stepmother Eve. (Daniella’s Mum had died when she was 3. Her Dad got remarried when we were in grade 5.) Her little brothers name was Anthony he was 5, her little sister was called Taylah she was 3. Daniella got into the car Mum drove us to school. Morning classes were usual. Daniella and I were both good students. At lunch time one of the year 12 boys Aiden Lenoy who Daniella had a huge crash on asked us to come and eat lunch with him at the Diner. So we went with him. He drove us to the Diner Daniella sat in the front seat and I sat in the back seat. Aiden and Daniella were so busy flirting Aiden was consentrating on the road and we crashed into a tree. The next thing I can remember is waking up in the hospital with both of my parents beside me looking worried and upset.

"Ashley" said Dad

I remember my parents telling me I had been in an accident with Daniella and Aiden.

My first question was if Daniella was alright

My parents looked so sad

"Ashley Daniella didnt make it she died instantly I'm so sorry sweetie"

Tears fell down my face I screamed "no no no" over and over again. My parents tried everything they did to consol me but nothing worked. Hours later I asked how Aiden was not that I cared her was responsible for my best friend dying. Mum said he was fine her just had a couple of broken ribs.

"That’s all” I screamed "Its not fair Daniella's dead and he is still alive"

The police were questioning him they tried to talk to me but Mum and Dad told them to go away I wasn’t ready to talk to them. I talked to them a couple of days later. Aiden was charged with dangerous driving. I remember going back to school I saw Aiden in the halls I hated him. No one talked to him everyone hated him for killing Daniella. He had to change schools and moved from Summer Bay everywhere he went he got dirty looks from the locals he was the boy who killed an innocent school girl. Daniella's funeral was really emotional. I visit her grave side often. It’s been two years the past two years have been really hard on me. I basically didnt care about much anymore. My parents couldent even talk to me I wouldent let them. For the first six months I went around in daze my parents finally had enough and send me to a counsellor. I wasn't their happy daughter anymore, I was more like a stranger because I just couldent confide in them I couldent confide in anyone. I met a girl Laurel at this camp thingy that was for teens who had lost someone close through death. Laurel had lost her best friend Rachel who died of cancer. Laurel lived in Yabbie Creek we saw each other on weekends and stuff. I miss Daniella every day. Laurel is my best friend but it will never be the same as Daniella. Things finally went back to normal my parents and I weren’t like strangers anymore. Life was great. I even have a boyfriend now his name is Lochie. He is so sweet. I like him a lot. If I ever give birth to a baby girl I will name her Daniella.

Chapter 3

It’s been five years since I told you about Daniella. I'm now married to a guy named Sean. We have two children Nicholas and Daniella. Nicky we called him Nicky for short is 2 years old and Daniella is six months old she is so cute. Laurel is married to a guy named David. She is pregnant with her first child if it’s a girl she’s going to name it Rachel.

One I was sitting with her at my house Nicky was playing with his toys. Daniella was asleep.

"The baby just kicked Ash" she said

"That’s great" I said.

"So how are your parents?" she asked

"Good" I said they are taking care of Nicky and Daniella tonight. While Sean and I go out to dinner in Yabbie Creek.

"Wow" said Laurel

"Yeah" I said. I heard Daniella crying from her room I went in there and picked her I rocked to sleep and sung to her. I put her back in her cot. I hope my children never have to face a loss like mine. I left Daniella’s room and joined Laurel back in the kitchen.

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