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Thurs 3 Nov 05 - Episode # 4084

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Hunter Males On The Move ???"

Sally & flyyn are talking in the lounge of the van park house. Sally thinks that Flynn is pushing himself too hard by continuing on at work. Flynn insists that he want to maintain some normality in his life. Ric & Cassie enter the room – as sally & Flynn immediately stop talking. Ric & Cassie wonder what’s going on – and sally & flyyn tell that that the cancer is getting worse.

Soon after, Ric & Cassie are at Noah’s. When they say that they wish that they could do more for Flynn, alf insists that Ric & Cassie have been amazingly supportive etc of Flynn. Ric & Cassie still are still wishing for more when alf wonders what else is on Flynn’s wish list. Talk of Italy gives Ric & Cassie an idea.

Later, when sally & Flynn arrive home, the place is all decorated with Italian stuff. Ric & Cassie both have on Italians traditional dress – and they (try) speak often in Italian.

Flynn & sally are overwhelmed ant what Ric & Cassie have done – and REALLY thank them.

Soon after, flyyn & sally are aloe on the back patio, flynn tells sally that he’s going to give up work at the end of this week, as Ric & Cassie’s gesture has made him realise that made him realise that he wants to spend all the time that he can with his family.

Robbie is V surprised, but pleased, when Tasha arrives back from the city. Although they hug, Tash looks like she has something on her mind.

Soon after, Robbie & Tash go over the beach house (see below).

When they return to the flat, Tash REALLY surprises Robbie – she wants to sell the Flat and move to the city. When Robbie sys that he thought Tash hated the city, she insists that she just thought that it was a dark, lifeless place, but she sees it differently now. Tash also admits that she had got a bit small-minded because she only ever lived in small towns etc.

Later, Tash is on the phone to someone when Robbie arrives home. She quickly gets off the phone to whoever it was.

Robbie then tells Tasha that although he was shocked by her decision – but they love each other, and as long as they are together, Robbie doesn’t care where they are.

Hayley tells scott that she really have to think about tis decision – esp. because its not only them involved, as kimmy will definitely be affected if they go (and take baby noah with them). Hayley tells Scott that she needs time to think – so he bails.

Soon after, hayley talks to Irene about the situation. Irene knows that the decision isn’t easy, but insists that hayley must do what’s right for her.

When Scott arrives at the beach house, hayley tells him that she’s made up her mind. She wants to go with him to France. Scott is V happy.

Robbie & Tasha enter – and they are most surprised by Scott & Hayley’s plans, partic since they haven’t told/consulted kimmy about it.

Kimmy (of course) picks that moment to enter – Robbie & Tash quickly bail, and kimmy is WAY not impressed that that are trying t take his son away. Kimmy also blames Scott for all of this, ie trying to make the whole kimmy/hayley thing a complete failure (note – if I cared about kimmy, and Chris could act, this might have been an emotional scene – but its’ only kimmy).

Kimmy bail from the beach house – and meets up with Hyde at Noah’s. This conversation gives kimmy an idea.

When kimmy returns to the beach house, Scott & hayley insists that they’ll do everything to compromise (airfares etc) but kimmy insists that it’s way not enough. Kimmy insists that they are NOT taking his son away. When hayley &scott insists that kimmy is going to have to deal with their decision to go, kimmy tells that that he has a court injunction – if they take baby noah out of Australia, they are BREAKING THE LAW !!!!!!! (end of ep)


Robbie catches Tash kissing another guy, and Kimmy gets hit by a car (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay)

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