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Thurs 16 Feb 06 - " The Brady Bunch "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " The Brady Bunch "

Author note - because my bus was running late, I missed the 1-st minute or two on this ep.

Beth& Tony are at the diner, and they comment to Morag and Alf that they've both received offer to good to refuse on their houses. Colleen comments that one of her bowling friends has also received an offer on the house. Morag is most intrigued and goers and speak to the nearby graham (see below)

Later, Tony & Beth are in the Holden house (1-st time we've seen it for ages), Beth is a tad shocked when Tony suggests that perhaps the 2 families (hunters & holdens) should move into on place together.

Soon after, Beth talks to Alf (at Noah's) about all this. She is surprised that he thinks it's a good idea that the 2 families move in together.

Later, Beth is at the Holden place. Tony is surprised how much "junk" his family has gathered in the short period of time they've been in the bay. When Tony mentions that at least he's found part of the coffee maker that he thought was lost forever. Beth says that Tony doesn't need the bit anymore, and she has a coffee maker. Tony takes a little bit before he realises that Beth had effectively agreed to his plan. The pair jokes about needing a great wall of china between the rooms of Tilly & Luke.

At the diner, after hearing Beth & Tony’s news (see above), morag approaches graham. She insist that Amanda is part of the evil company offering to buy the homes of Beth & co. graham insists that Amanda isn't ripping him off etc. and he hates Morag’s insinuation. Morag insists for graham to just "open his eyes".

Josh enters Amanda’s flat. She says that graham is out with Ryan. She also says, to josh's question, that graham is oblivious to all the money she’s withdrawn as he lets her deal with the finances. Amanda & josh start kissing.

Later, josh is long gone from the flat when graham & Ryan return. Ryan comments that there is a mark or something on Amanda’s neck. She explains the love bight as an allergy to her new necklace.

Soon after, Amanda sys that she is going out for sometime with Ryan. Graham asks her specifically what her plans are, and when Amanda & Ryna are gone, he looks at the back statements, and sees that just over $191,000 was been withdrawn.

When Amanda returns, graham note that the rash has cleared up. She says that she's used make up on it. When Amanda has a shower, he accesses her mobile, and sees that she's send many text messages to josh, incl. one saying things like "missing you already sexy".

Graham goes to the diner, he tells Morag what he's discovered. Morag begins to plot josh & Amanda’s downfall (end of ep)

I THINK the bit in missed was the believers locking tash in big farm shed, as the 1-st thing in saw when in got home is a discussion between Jonah & charity. Jonah thinks that they shouldn't be so hard on tash, but charity insists that tash will ensure their survival. All the while, we occasionally hear tash calling out for help.

Jonah enters the big farm shed and the distressed tash pleads to be let go. She also can't believe that he turned her against Robbie &* all her friends. Tash insists that if Jonah TRULY loves her, he will let her go. Charity enters the shed, and she convinces Jonah to exit with her (as she is wary of him).

Next day, Jonah is racked with guilt ..... and he hears tasha's plea fir help the previous night. Jonah & Charity eter the shed with some food, and when they are gone, tash approaches the food where she also finds a key. She warily, slowly unlocks the shed door. Tash starts running, but charity sees her. Because tash is weakened by her ordeal, charity bios able to catch her. and several of the other believers hold tash down, before she is locked up again.

Soon after, charity insists that Jonah must have given tash the key. Jonah insists that because charity doesn’t have prove, it would be against their beliefs to approach mumma rose about this, but charity insists that mumma rose WILL be told of what's occurred.


Graham shocks Amanda when he says that he is going to DIVORCE her ...... but then he COLLAPSES

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