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Mon 13 Feb 06 - "Flynn ….. Father, Friend, Husband, Lover ……. and

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

"Flynn ….. Father, Friend, Husband, Lover ……. and Memories Of Meg Bowman”

The episode begins with NO teaser or opening credits. All we see ((for a spilt second) is the H&A logo that we see before each ad break.

The screen is black …. with 5.23 pm in white text.

Flynn is in the bed, looking deathly ill.

In the longue, sally tells Ric & Co what’s going on. Ric looks all broody and quiet, whilst Cassie voices her anger (with more that a bit of over acting from Sharni Vinson). Cassie can’t accept that Flynn’s time is all but up, and thinks that the doctors should have done more to prepare them for all this etc.

All the while we see that occasional view of Flynn in the bed.

Sally exits the lounge she heads for the stairs. when she gets to the bottom of the stair, it really looks for a second that sally is going to vomit but she merely bursts into tears.

Sally enters the bedroom, and she kisses Flynn on his shirted chest, then the lips before lying beside him.

Downstairs, Ric is still all brooding. She charges out the back door. Cassie wants to go after him but alf insists t to Cassie that everyone deals with things their own way.

In the bedroom, Flynn tells sally that he’d like to speak to the kids. Occasional things are so silent that you can only hear the sound of the waves in the distant background (deliberate memories of Meg Bowman’s death ???)

Sally goes downstairs and says that Flynn would like to talk to the kids. Ric walks over and sits on the couch, so Cassie “decides” that she’ll go 1-st.

After the 1-st ad break, they do the black screen/time thing …. Its after 11pm now

When Cassie enters the room, she is most surprised when the 1-st things that flynn says to her is that he wonders how she got Ric naked in those 1-st fews days that she was in town. Casie insist that Ric isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. Flynn tells Cassie that despite what she did to Ric, he raved about her for days on end.

Things gets more emotional when flynn tells Cassie that message that he had for her in the video that he made (that she saw last year), ie that if pippa grows up to be even half the woman that Cassie is, then flynn will be extremely plaesed etc. naturally, Cassie finally lets go of the happy exterior and bursts into tears.

When Cassie goes back downstairs, pretty much everyone is suggesting that Ric should speak to Flynn, but he won’t as yet.

Alf heads upstairs, and he & Flynn mostly talk about their common thread, sally. Alf insists that he’s known sally forever and that he’s NEVER seen her happier. Alf insists that he’ll muchly keep an eye of sally & the kids from Flynn … and although they’re both manly men (partic alf) they both cry.

Downstairs, Ric is plat9ing video games. Cassie tries to convince him to see Flynn, but it’s (naturally) alf who has those words of wisdom. Alf insists that although he knows that things are hard, this isn’t about Ric, it’s about Flynn and this convinces Ric to act.

Ric heads upstairs, and he sees sally in the room with Flynn. Ric insists that he can wait, but sally insists that Ric should take precedence etc. sally tells infant pipa to give flynn a hug/kiss etc. sally takes infante pippa over the flynn and flynn kissed his child for the last time. As sally lifts infant pipa away, you can see that flyyn is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay moved by saying goodbye to his baby girl.

When sally and pippa exit, Ric talks to Flynn. Flynn insists that he knows that he didn’t have the best relationship with his father but flynn knows that, although Ric will often go where angels fear to tread, he is way proud of how loving/caring etc that Ric is.

Flynn also says that one of the biggest risks that he took in his life was taking Ric in, but it’s turned out to be such a great mover etc

Ric is waaaaaaaaaaaaay balling when he says, “I love you dad” !!!!!!!

After the next ad break, they do the black screen/time thing …. It’s now 3.24am

Sally & flyyn are looking through their wedding photo album. Sally insists that the day was far from perfect (the carriage Thing, her dress, the rain) but flyyn insist that things are perfect.

Sally & Flynn reminisce further about things. Sally insists that although Flynn was smitten with her from the start, she thought they only might have a future together.

Flyyn insists that he’d like to hear their song. Sally gets up form lying on the bed beside him, and puts their (wedding) on. Flynn surprises sally by asking to dance with her. They get up and flyyn & sally are gently swaying to the song, with sally often kissing Flynn, and beginning to cry.

After the next ad break, there’s no time on screen but I’m guessing V early morning.

Sally & flyyn are lying on the bed. Sally insists that she lied before, she know that they were right from each other form the start, and that flynn have really taught her how to love and be strong etc.

As sally talks, we see the odd tear from her eyes, and the occasional sound of the waves.

Sally begins to sense that something has happened to Flynn (that he’s passed away) but although he briefly flicks her eyes up on the direction of Flynn’s face, sally isn’t ready to deal with it yet. (Btw, whilst sally is talking it’s a close up on her face).

When then see both of them, and Flynn has CLAEARLY passed to the next world.

Sally finally looks up sand starts to cry.

In the kitchen, it’s clear that alf, Cassie & Ric can sense what’s happened.

Back in the bedroom, sally kisses Flynn one last time, and goes back to hugging the love of her life ….. with, once more, such silence that you can only hear the sound of the waves. Not as intense as what we heard when Meg Bowman died but the intent is clearly there. I personally rate Meg’s, and Shane’s, deaths as more emotional but Flynn’s death was certainly "up there". (end of ep).


The bay sys goodbye t Flynn, and (alos this week) Tasha find the shrine etc.

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