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When I Was Ten

Guest dolly-999

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Topic Title - When I was Ten

Topic Description – Maddie and lucas, rated G

Type of story: One shot

Rating: G

Main Characters: Maddie and Lucas

Genre: not really sure

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Maddie and Lucas are about to find out they've known each other alot longer than they thought.

Hey, this is something I wrote this morning while I was bored, it's no that good but I thought I'd show you anyway.

“Hey” Maddie greeted her boyfriend as he sat down at the desk next to her in their English class ready for their first class of the day.

“Hey” he replied “What a way to start the first day back at school” Lucas groaned.

“Yeah I know, he better not give us to much work” Maddie added.

“Ok class, today I want you to write about something that happened to you when you were younger, it can be about anything like your best friend moving away or a pet you had. I want you to write a paragraph in silence and at the end of class I want them all handed in on my desk with your name on it” Mr Baker announced from the front of the room. Everyone groaned for a second before getting to work.

“Do you know what your going to write?” Maddie asked Lucas who was staring at the pen that her was fiddling with his fingers.

“Yeah I think so. What are you going to write?”

“You'll see when I'm finished” Maddie insisted.

“Ok” Lucas replied before turning his head away from Maddie and down at his paper to start writing. 'When I was ten' he stared 'me and my family were moving away from the country town we lived in to the city. I had to leave my childhood sweetheart, although I can't actually remember her name. I remember giving her a kiss under a tree at the back of the yard of the one class roomed school'. Lucas looked over what he had written, 'It'll do' he thought to himself, it wasn't his best piece of writing but he couldn't be bothered to write anymore.

At the same time Maddie was writing the reverse side to what Lucas. 'When I was ten my first boyfriend moved away' it started. “You finished?” She asked after writing a paragraph.

“Yeah, can I read yours?”

“Yeah” Maddie said handing him her piece of paper and taking his. They both read in silence and when they finished they both stared at each other in shock.

“It was you” they both gasped.

Ok, tell me what you think, even if you thought it was stupid.

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