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Model Behaviour

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After a tragic accident taking the life of Robbie a distraught Tasha couldnt handle life in Summer Bay without him. Originally she planned to go and live in the City with her older brother Dylan but a Talent scout for a top modelling agency came into contact with Tasha and offered her the chance to become a famous supermodel. If she were to take the job then she would have to move to the UK. Tasha jumped at the chance and purchased a plane ticket straight away.

After a couple of months in the UK Tasha started making a name for herself. Every fashion magazine wanted her on their covers. She was in a relationship with a photographer another australian named Kurt Doherty everything was great until she found out that being a photographer was a lie and that he was actually an obsessed stalker who had followed her all the way from Summer Bay.

After Kurt had been arrested Tasha set her sights on a new man Earls Parks top Footballer and England's Football Captain.... Bruno Milligan. The trouble was that not only was he married but another former Summer Bay resident had set her sights on Bruno as well.... Dani Sutherland.

(The story will take place after Footballers Wives Extra Time series 1 finished. Just as Footballers Wives series 5 is about to start)

Please tell me what you think of the idea guys. If you dont know what Footballers Wives and the spinoff Footballers Wives Extra Time is then ill explain it to you :)

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