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Jack and Martha

Guest Princess of Roxy

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Chapter 1

Alexis had just arrived at Summer Bay.

Alexis knew that her adapted parents would be angry that she ran away.

But Alexis had to find her real mum.

Alexis saw a woman that looked just like her she walked up to the woman and said "Are you my birth mother"?

"Yes you must be Alexis"Replied Martha

"Oh you look actually as I pictured"Alexis said

"Won't your adapted parents be worried that you've ran away"?Asked Martha

"Yes they would be but I had to find you"Replied Alexis

"Well I'll let you stay with me and Jack until I can find your adapted parents"Said Martha

"No I want to stay with you and Jack"Replied Alexis

"Okay will ring your adapted parents and set a date to go to court for the custody papers"Said Martha

"Oh thank you"Cried Alexis

How will Jack take the news of there daughter?

Who will get custody of Alexis?

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