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Fri 10 Feb 06 - "Belle Did A Bad, Bad Thing !!!"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Belle Did A Bad, Bad Thing !!!"

Rachel enters the gym, and kimmy is very happy to be her personal trainer.

As Rachel's 1-st session continues, she is unconformable as kimmy stretches the boundaries of touching her as a personal trainer.

Later, at Leah's house, Rachel tells Leah what's been happening. Leah thinks that Rachel playing with fire. Rachel then suggests that she's NOT going to go near kimmy again.

Rachel goes to the gum, and her (doctor) work clothes. She hands kimmy a referral to another psychiatrist. Kimmy can't believe that this is happening. Rachel insists that she can't deal with this .... so she runs out of the surf club (complete with briefcase in hand etc). She runs onto the beach. Kimmy runs after her. When kimmy catches up with Rachel, a gust of wind blows the papers out of the manila folder hat she has in her hand. The papers in the folder go onto the beach and into the water. Kimmy & Rachel both end up in the surf than try to retrieve the paperwork.

Later, kimmy arrives at Leah’s place. Rachel is dressed in her bathrobe (shower after beach encounter). Rachel insists hat she & kimmy can't act on their feelings. Kimmy isn't keen on talking no for an answer ..... and they KISS. Rachel breaks away for the kiss. She REALLY insists that they can't do this.

At the van park house, cassia is walking past ric's room. She hears his voice and he voice of a girl. Cassie storms into ric's room and can't believe that belle is in here. Ric explains hat situation (homeless belle etc) but casei doesn't care.

Sally overhears the arguing and investigates. She likes what Ric tried to do with belle but she insists that he family has waaaaaaaaaaaay to any problems with Flynn o deal with another person.

When Ric returns o his room later hat night, belle is in there ... she enters via he window. Ric insists that she can say is she's quite and sleeps on the floor ... belle insists ha there's plenty of room for them both in ric's bed but ric’s says no.

Cassie knocks on Ric's door. Belle hides under the bed; whilst Cassie is intrigues that Ric has locked his door. When the Ric/Cassie conversation is over, and Ric has shut the door, belle is on his bed, and Ric decides to be a gentleman and sleep on the floor.

Next morning, Flynn in on the couch in he lounge. He’s V sick (and cough more blood). Cassie & Ric enters the room; they hold each other ...because of the seriousness of Flynn’s situation. Cassie comments that Ric is yawning a lot. Ric says he not get much sleep. She comments that he's not having much breakfast, but when Cassie's back is turned Ric grabs more food and rushes upstairs.

In his room, Ric insists that belle can stay if she is ultra quiet. When belle says that she has to go to the bathroom, Ric insist that she will have to go outside ... in case Flynn (downstrairs) hears movement upstairs.

Later, when sally, casei & Ric have gone, belle takes her chances and goes to the bathroom. Flynn hears noises upstairs, and ascends the stairs to investigate. he sees belle. She tries to run past him. Flynn tries to catch her, but he falls down the stairs. Belle is distraught, she tries to revive him .... without success. She enters the lounge and is about to dial 000 when she hears Alf approaching. Belle rushes out to back door.

When Alf enters, he finds Flynn. Alf is shocked ... and calls ambulance.

At Leah’s place, sally & Leah are talking about how sick Flynn is at the moment. When sally phone rings. It’s Alf ... and sally is shocked by what's happened.

Sally, Cassie, Leah& Ric arrive at the van park house. Sally can' believe that Flynn is refusing to be take o the hospital by he ambulance officers. Flynn n insists that he wants to talk to the bearded doctor who diagnosed him.

Soon after, doctor returns to the room. He says that this fall has made Flynn even worse that he already was. The doctor says hat Flynn is DYING !!!!!!!!!! When sally ask, the doctor says that Flynn has only a few hours to live. Sally TAOTALLY starts balling her eyes out (end of ep)


Flynn passes away (we see images from funeral), and Tash discovers the shrine !!!!!!!!

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