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Well Dean I hate to disagree with you but I really liked the ep. Well the mystery illness storyline parts anyway. The Frank and his old friend part was pretty meh.

I do agree about the medical jargon though. Some of it, like the TISPS procedure or whatever it was wasn't explained to the viewers at all. Jargon is OK as long as it is explained.

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Saintly Supanz

The West Australian

18 July 2006

Andrew Supanz is the latest West Australian actor to join the cast of Seven's medical drama All Saints. Supanz plays fresh-faced intern Bart West, whose disastrous arrival in the emergency department at the end of May had echoes of a young Dr John Carter in the first season of ER 12 years ago.

Wet behind the ears, Bart quickly dispensed with his monogrammed doctor's coat and discovered the only way to learn about medicine was not through books but by getting his hands dirty.

"He is just a really earnest young doctor, trying to make his way in the hospital and he tries really hard," Supanz explains during a day off in Sydney.

"He is a hard worker, a good doctor, but he's not got the practical skills and that's where the wheels come off for him a bit. His head is ahead of his body but he's a good person."

Bart was originally to be in the show for only six episodes but the producers decided to make him part of the regular cast. Although he is supposed to be on rotation through other departments, he has taken extra shifts to keep him in the emergency department where most of the All Saints action takes place these days.

"Bart loves being in the ED," says Supanz. "Dr Campion becomes my mentor so I follow him around like a puppy."

At 24, Supanz is the youngest male cast member of All Saints, which has recently been boosted by respected actors Peter Phelps and John Waters taking on recurring roles.

"To have John Waters, Peter Phelps, having those guys around you is really great, especially for me starting out, having the big guns around," enthuses Supanz.

Supanz grew up in Noranda and attended Morley high school. After finishing Year 12 he attended Curtin University, attaining a BA majoring in communication and cultural studies and studying poetry and scriptwriting.

"I ~didn't really know what I wanted to do when I left school. People say you should get into a career," he says. "I loved acting and that sort of world and thought that would be a good way to test it out a little bit."

He became involved in the local theatre scene, performing or working in productions at Hayman Theatre, The Blue Room and Rechabites Hall.

"In Perth it's quite quiet, the industry is pretty small, but it's good stuff," he says. "There's a lot of fringe stuff, you can get involved in a lot of theatre and get great practical experience in front of an audience.

"I wrote my first show for the Hayman. That was great. You had to build the set yourself, rig the lighting, learn everything that happens behind the scenes. I think it's really important you learn how to make the thing you do."

After graduating from Curtin, Supanz decided he'd try his luck as an actor in Sydney. He thought he may as well audition for NIDA before heading east - and got in.

"I didn't want to go to WAAPA because I lived around the corner from it, so I wanted to get away and get some experience," he explains.

Supanz graduated from NIDA last November and started work on All Saints in February.

He remains passionate about theatre and is also working on several scripts in his spare time.

"I like comedy and stuff like that but at the moment I am sort of a little bit bleak," he says.

"I am just writing about young guys at the moment. I'm pretty interested in history so a lot of it is set around about what's going on in the world and what's gone on in the past. I have a whole bunch of projects."

Supanz last visited Perth at Christmas and when he comes home one of his favourite hangouts is Trigg Beach.

"I love the beach. Mum used to take me there surfing before school, before high school. Getting up at 6am to go down to the beach is the best, when I go back it always reminds me of being a kid, being cold in the morning, being a little bit tired."

All Saints, Tuesdays, Seven/GWN, 8.30pm

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Pretty good episode last night. The Armageddon storyline was quite good.

Loved Cate. She was excellent (as always). Von was good too.

Some negative points:

- They didn't use Chris Bath as the news presenter.

- No closure, and strange ending. Just ended in the middle of nowhere pretty much and we didn't find out what happened to Moe or peircing guy..

- Peircing guy. That was pretty boring for me.

Oh and guess who the promo featured again... All Saints or All Mike?

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Extreme Measures

Episode 360

August 8, 2006

Erica's suspicions are confirmed when what seems like a routine MVA becomes a murder mystery. A young man presents with a hook in his penis but his fishing story seems a little far fetched.

Edited by Dean
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