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All Saints


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Bart seems lost.

he was very very close to Ricky and Dan and one is brutally murdered and the other goes off without talking to him let alone anyone else (writers not to blame obviously) and he hasnt been able to deal with it yet

Jack's gone too - Bart's the last one left of that particular foursome :( It's going to take a lot of hard work to get me interested in a season where three of my favourite characters are long gone, and Jack's the only one who even has a theoretical chance of ever coming back. Contracts running out at the same time sux. People should plan these things better <_<

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The woman who played the wife was in A Country Practice and Skippy so you might recognise her from those or Estreet.

I'm not sure i like this format.I think it'll become boring after a while because it's not emotional.If we're not getting any backstory why are we supposed to care about them?This isn't Police Rescue.I loved that show to but they're not the same.

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I know what you mean. I couldn't even tell you what happened on Tuesday night - all I know is that there was an annoying helicopter, some battery acid, and a lot of infuriating and out of place characters. Also Bart and Gavin were there. No idea what happened to Gavin's character though - did he even survive??

Contrast that with this morning's Hallmark episode, where I'm paying such attention to detail that I noticed that Scottie's hair was gelled up all fancy-like for the opening of the new clinic, and you can tell which series I'm more interested in. There was also a subplot about half the hospital staff being suspected of murder, but it was all about Scottie's hair :P And that brown suede jacket with the wool trim... mmm :wub:

To be honest, I'm getting concerned about the Hallmark series too. (In case anyone hasn't seen these eps)

I think Jared and Rebecca left today, and Rose, Mitch, Bron and Ben

are already gone. I like the relative newcomers Sterlo and Vince (in a love to hate him kind of way), and the Irish girl has her moments, so it's not a total loss yet by any means. And at the very least, I know that Charlotte and Von aren't going anywhere, and that I have my favourites from the later series to look forward to.

Von: "God, Levine, don't go all sentimental on me. Haven't you learned anything :rolleyes:?"


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JQT today - laugh out loud HI-LARIOUS!! :D

Matt (JQT) was refusing to wear glasses because it would ruin his image. As such, he tripped over and fell into Regina's lap. So he says to her, "Regina, I can't stand it anymore, will you be mine??" Nelson walked in on them and asked what was going on. Matt said he was just fooling around. Later on, Nelson was trying to put contact lenses in Matt's eyes, but Matt freaked out and Nelson dropped the contact, so he made Matt get on the floor and look for it. So Matt was on his hands and knees in front of Nelson, who was sitting at his desk, and all you could see was Matt's head bobbing up and down, while Nelson sat back in his chair watching him, saying something along the lines of "It's always hard the first time, but you just have to persevere." HAH! :D Of course, Regina walked in on this and jumped to conclusions, but before she could go off half-cocked (:ph34r:), Matt looked at her and said, "Regina, I swear, he means nothing to me!" So she laughed and said, "Oh, you boys." But she still looked worried. Hee ^_^

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