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All Saints star Mark Priestley will be written out of the Channel 7 drama in an episode screening Tuesday, November 18.

Preistley, 32, who took his own life on August 27, played Dan Goldman.

His final storyline focused on his character's search for his missing wife, fellow nurse Erica Templeton, played by Jolene Anderson, producer Bill Hughes revealed.

"The truth of the matter is that Mark had filmed two days on that particular episode," Hughes said.

"Script producer Lou (Louise) Crane and I looked at what had been shot. We sat up all night and the next day and the next and wrote around what we had.

"Dan is led off to a room by the police to be told something - we never see him again, but the audience is told what he has been told."

Hughes believes the ending "works", but admitted it was a very difficult process.

"The emotion sweeping the production was immense," he said.

The episode will be followed by the All Saints season finale.

Source - Sunday Herald Sun

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I keep wanting to call Kip Gamblin Scottie, but I'm watching All Saints and I already have a Scottie on All Saints. It's very confusing :( I like his accent better now that he's been in England for a while. It sounds classier. I hope he doesn't lose it because his accent used to annoy me on H&A.

I'm yet to form an opinion on Ella Scott-Lynch's character. I never bonded with her as Hayley so I guess I'll have to learn her actual character name. God.

Poor Dan, listening to the voice mail... Not looking good for Ricky :(

It's so sad that Dan is going to go out like this, all angry and antisocial... I suppose it's appropriate in a way, but he was such a funny, gentle, kind character... it will be a shame if this is the way people remember him... the character I mean... Mark's leaving us with some excellent acting...

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I found this on the TV Week Discussion Board. I really hope that it's not true.

Rickie is dead. Her body has been found in a park. She was stabbed to death..murdered in cold blood. Dan leaves the hospital and goes back to live on his mother's farm. This is the storyline used to right Dan out from the show once the actor playing him died tragically back in August.

According to the poster it's from a soap mag.

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