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All Saints

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Ya it is Colin and even thought I am in Ireland and we are behind you with all saints I can't wait to see what happens between charlotte and Vincent also if they will make charlotte pregnant now that

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I found it very hard to believe that ALL the heads of departments had to go in at midnight to see a computer upgrade.

And does anyone else think that tonight was

the beginning of the end for Jack?

Amy was a TINY bit less annoying with the woman. Then she started to whine again. Sigh.

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Jack and Dan episode. Heaven :wub: I do wish they hadn't killed that guy though. That'll come back to bite them :(

I guess Ricky's gone then... Kind of a "blink and you'll miss it" departure. Maybe she'll be back...

Good ep though. That guy holding Jackie's hand and calling him his son was so sad :(

Is it wrong if I believe that Corey was that guy's mercury supplier? If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.

I don't like Amy, but she was good tonight and anyone who yells at that Russel Crowe Wannabe jerk can't be all bad.

The scrag fight in the bar was hilarious :lol: And "glassing" - how topical!

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Daaaan :(

What a horrible episode that was. With crying :( :(

I just want to hug him... and yet I know I really, really can't. Sigh. This is hard :( At this point, I'd buy an offscreen suicide for Dan... This storyline doesn't seem to be going to happy places. It would be horrendous watching the others "act" in a storyline like that though... :(

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i know :( that was so sad, the tears. :( i have no idea how htey'll write Dan out, is Jolene staying on?

was that Elliot in the snakeskin pattern suit though :P that made me chuckle..

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